What would Angels teach humanity … .

Mark J. Wagner 
Accepting self is fundamental quality leading toward fulfillment, from very localized to even global; obviously I am not talking about self centered egoistic extremes.

I don’t have all the answers, no one possessed this kind of knowledge, yet, I’ve noticed that people who despise themselves project same quality toward other people. To accept self, to embrace as a Creation, unique being among other unique human beings, is a path toward fulfillment as well as healthy social interactions.

This very quality is projected in physical world as well, without which nothing would be possible; we are talking about compatibility of self vs external environment; compatibility of opposites including.

Accepting of who we are, embracing self is a path see in self others as well. Love is a reflection of self, seeking compatibility of inner self, needs and desires, comfort and expansion of awareness through sensual participation, and subsequently selflessness becomes a natural state… .

All those qualities are projected from subatomic level up to the aware energy, where self becomes evident while molecular positioning toward energy of transformation, Intelligent Design, spectrum of light, reached a state of self awareness.

Accepting self, is fundamental, yet, those who teach suffering as a way of life do not grasp true meaning of creation.

Accepting self is a good way to embrace Divine, while seeking self improvement … . This is a lesson Divine teaches us even from subatomic level to formations of matter and energies we call Galaxies and ultimately Universe … .


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