The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Quantum Universe. The Trinity of the Design. Univ3rsal Quantum L5nguage. Density vs Data. Resonant Waves … .

Resonant Waves sculpt reality; examples provided. Resonant Waves vs Spectrum of Light; interaction within compatible opposites.

Our world, Universe is profoundly unique from subatomic fabric. Everything that exists is unique, there are no two identical projections of progressions, molecules, energies, nothing is repeated twice, yet, similarities define progression, as well as projection, to maximize potential of every molecular sequence either molecular or molecules transformed onto an energy.

For example wood cuts are slices of the Universe, as we know it. Entire system is just within your reach; wood, orbits, electrons vs protons, neutrons, oceans, day vs night, seasons and yes, humans wink emoticon

Yet, wood cuts are Resonant Waves and Resonant Waves are Gravitational Waves; fantastic dance between molecules and energies… .

In addition, all is composed according to Universal Resonant Symmetry; interaction between Hot Light and Cold Light, yet, proportion play defining role (is it 3/1 ?) its hard to say, yet, some molecular scales of interaction may provide some clues.

Resonant Waves are eloquent projection of quantum sequence, quantified system at any given scale; logical interaction of compatible data; orbital scheme of atom; atom, proton, quarks, anti-quarks, gluons vs orbital sequence of planets. galaxies and finally Universe.

All is different, profoundly unique, yet, closely related with regard to quantified interactions, at any given scale of observation.
I wrote about it in previous articles… .

Wherever you look, Universe is the same, from tiny particles to Galaxy, yet, unique compatibility of data project Universe as miraculous masterpiece, and this is my friends; Intelligent Design, where physical objects, molecules are designed to be energies and energy is can be transformed into denser state and all fragmentation are intelligent, echoing the source of existence, aware and unaware … .…/the-paramount-law-of…/


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