The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Space Bridges ? Y3s … . Mirroring vs Universal Acoustics;


The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Space Bridges ? Y3s … .

Mirroring vs Universal Acoustics;

I wrote about Acoustics about 10 years ago in USA on my website, yet, this issue still require further exploration.

Often we hear about Mirroring of Universe, yet, as much as this notion is attractive and possible, Universal Acoustics describe the notion of parallel universe more eloquently, due to the fact that is performing within 3D Architecture.

Universe represent, and manifest biological kinetics, as well as properties, yet, defined profoundly by cellular automation (greatly explored by Mr. Wolfram).

Acoustics are resonant waves, very much present throughout the Universe; noise, sound, by the very nature, represent higher order of sophistication, up to the point, where necessity progresses into projection of aesthetic paradigm, very much embedded within all spectrum of data, energy, molecules, energy, aware energy.

Acoustical projection of progression is than formulating subsequent apparent cells of the multiverse organism;

Quantum Universe:
* singularity dwells in whole, yet, all dwell in singularity = I am in you, you are in me …
This is my favorite quote because is illustrating Intelligent Design, brilliancy of the Biological Blueprint of the Universe, simplicity in complexity if you will … .

We are an integral part of the whole organism, which evolve still,  through Acoustical properties of the resonant waves, echoing, yet, different, and very much more sophisticated.

System is brilliantly simple; as molecular data evolve reaching stages of sophistication, than Universe, as we know it, does replicate the very same properties, while transfering Acoustical echoes, imprint of data, into the subsequent architectural space, where next stage of cellular automation, de facto, energy is evolving beyond present frame of awareness … . Yet, we can touch it, because system is replicated according to the same principles of the design… .

This superbly designed phenomenon is not only biologically observable, proven, but manifest its quality within singular organism, self contained, as well as social, also self contained, yet, all is interwoven within each structure. This is called infinity, and Universal Acoustics play essential role with regard to transfer of data within space architecture, which, unlike human made structures, is able to change its shape, size, adopt and evolve. This is a Universal Architecture based on Biological Blueprint of the Universe. Human, what a great thinking, Divine, simple, yet, efficient in every drop of creative data embedded in all components within The Paramount Law of Transformation… .

Divine, there is no other descriptive eloquence, which would illustrate projection of progression within design, yet, Divine Projection  replicates itself, fit perfectly within scientific frame of anticipation as well as artistically motivated progression.

Sound is associated with motion and motion, by the definition represent higher order, embedded within 3D space. Sound is parallel with 3D progression, which I explored previously; from necessity to pleasure.  Voilà,  Vooilà, Voooilà … .

Quantum Tunneling refer to transition with regard to density, which allows to achieve similar stage, or identical, without excessive amount of energy but reduction of density to reach the other side of the hill (similar solution to enzymes; reduction of temperature, yet, achieving anticipated, essential results).
Quantum Tunneling is identical with Universal Enthusiasm as well as Biological Aware Enthusiasm; man is composed from a very intelligent, intellectually potent  ingredients, molecules and energies and this intelligence is projected within singular properties as well as social interactions  … .
Universe is a very creative organism via Divine replication, yet, creativity is reinforced with enthusiasm; pleasure represent a higher form of enthusiasm … .

Quantum Theory of Light refer to data, and subsequently data within data (hello !? Quantum Universe once again). Spectrum of light, is generated via motion.

Bio Blueprint of the Universe A_edited-1
Bio Blueprint of the Universe B
Riding the Universe A

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