The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Space Bridges ? Y3s … .

Bio Blueprint of the Universe A_edited-1

Quantified Unity


Logic5l Projection of Progression of Shap3s Der1ved from Univ3rsal Motion … .

Universal Lesson; How to Compose the Most from the Least  … .

Progressive Segmentation Sequence Project within Universe … .

3D Eloquence of Motion; Spiral, Sphere, Elliptical, Triangular Shapes, Square, Rectangle… .


Today I would like to tackle with a subject I already explored in previous articles, yet, requiring addition comment.

How world was cr3ated… . Well, motion comes to mind, simplicity, as well as a reference point, with regard to the source of transformation, electromagnetic spectrum, to say the very least.

Plasma is cooling down, and begins to turn in circular motion;


Universe; from plasma to densiti3s….

The best way to illustrate miraculous formation of our Universe, is geometry, because our fantastic minds operate in 3D;

Initiation sequence manifest, de facto, motion, yet, vortex is the essence of all good things Divine has on His blueprint board;


Once motion molded a spiral, subsequent sphere/circle emerged;


From sphere/circular elliptical shape derived orbits;



               Formation of heavenly bodies begin to take shape, and their corresponding positions formed a Tri5ngle, Squar3, Rectangle, Trapezoid, and subsequent spherical forms, which were, and are replicated throughout the Universe … .

Platonic Solids

                   Logic5l Projection of Progression of Shapes Der1ved from Univ3rsal Moton is compatible with progression of Pithagorean Theorem, yet, the notion of Theorem is taken to the very initiation of Universal sequence. In addition, Pythagorean Theorem is compatible with Golden Ratio  … .


                Look, Gravity; Human was Assembled via Gravitation Force (assembly facility), de facto, essential tool of the Creation … .

                Biological Blueprint of the Universe is projecting identical properties within Universe, for molecules, living unaware, as well as living, aware;

Compatible Opposites (man, woman) = “assembling” a new manifestation of existence.

                  This phenomenon represent gravitational paradigm allowing molecular composition, procreation, de facto … .


Man dwells in  Unified composition of internal, as well as external

projections of progression: two worlds, two projections in one … .

This notion is also compatible with molecular, energetic as well as psychological, social interactions.

DNA of the Universe A

Logic; science of common Sense … .

Divine doesn’t care when, but how … .

              Albert Einstein mentioned about Thoughts of God; here they are … .


Int3lligent Design


What dwells beyond atoms, molecules, subatomic particles-energies ?

Well … .

1 (1)a kindle






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