To Public Attention … .

Due to to the prolonged denial to communicate with children I contacted Lifelink Agency for assistance.



Please provide kind assistance with regard to my children, Jacob, Victoria, Jonah residing in … .

Ivona K. W., legal guardian is denying contact with my children. I am afraid that they are under emotional pressure from Ivona, which can interrupt their emotional growth, and development.

Situation is very complex, yet, I am trying to maintain emotional bond with kids, yet, constantly interrupted by Ivona K. W. (dirty words, public criticism, yelling, blackmail).

I would like to request from United States appropriate agencies psychological supervision of my children, as well as Ivona K. W., including conducting an interview of children about methods of disenfranchising me from any communication with children.

I can submit more information about recent developments, as well as methods used against me, as well as against any ethical norms, psychological standards with regard to children (age 16, 14, 13).

I would like to thank Lifelink for kind assistance, yet, following developments were not only surprising, but very much violent, developments which Lifelink as well as myself would not anticipate, envision in worst nightmares.

I would recommend Lifelink to anyone as one of the best agencies, sensitive, where staff is coming forward to those, who desire family, as myself, family which I am denied.

God Bless all your works, and I wish situation would progress differently, yet, my kids are being stuck in politics more than so called average and typical family. This a complexity I am trying to overcome as much as I am possible able to.

Lifelink gave me so much joy, while bringing to my life three precious children, which I cherish more than I can possibly express in words.

They are always in my heart and mind … .

Thank you for your kind assistance,
Marek “Mark” J. Wagner

Tel: 536 508 394

Mark J. Wagner's photo.

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