Blanking ethnic lights, Slavic Lights … .

Blanking Ethnic Lights, Slavic Lights … .

We’ve got to talk frankly and openly without fear about the history, good as well as bad memories. Poles are obligated to bring the notion of discrimination, de facto, extermination of nation to the public attention.

Blanking ethnic lights, Slavic is a proven fact for centuries. There is nothing wrong, while demanding equal rights for the nation, which is, de facto, on a path to extinction.

There are people who feel threatened by comments or opinions, yet, we can project two distinct choices; to repeat mistakes of the past, or to make a world a projection of our own reality and desire.

Poles have a right to defend themselves against ultimate threat, disenfranchisement, a path leading toward extinction and enslavement once proud and great nation and country, which fell under the boots of international scheme.

That’s why I am asking every one who reads my posts; please do not sign your name, heart and mind under the death sentence imposed on Poles.

Do not sign your name under the scheme to stir negative emotions between Slavic nations (Slavic people, including Poles, Ukrainians, Russians etc). In the past bloody chapters unfolded, all too bloody, and so much engineered by outsiders.

Please do not sign your name under any scheme, which is aiming to burglarize Polish children, families, generations. Trade, yes, yet, fair trade, please.

Poland lost 7 millions of its citizens in just two decades. Thousands are missing (15 – 20 000) each year.

Poland is dying out despite new highways, and spectacular investments.

Please do not sign your name, heart and mind under fabrications, violation of national dignity, yet, those who follow this path shall encounter resistance of conscience, your own will, to reject any form of discrimination with regard to Poland.

Poland is being a subject of abuse in nearly every field of social activity, ethnic, science, economy, cultural revolution is reprogramming international awareness as well as national sense of dignity toward enslavement or irrational guilt, yet, no one, but Poles have experienced so much violence.

Please do not sign your name under inhumane social engineering against nation, Polish nation.

In Poland everybody feel at home, Jews, Germans, French, Italians, Greeks, Turks, Ukrainians, international corporations, except, well, Poles.

Poles have a right to defend themselves against misleading statements, or historical glitches/lies at the expense of entire nation.


Stop Cultural Revolution against Poles in Poland and elsewhere under pretension of free speech or so called art, yet, navigating toward awareness departed from historical perspective.

I am asking artists, international community to depart from so called “truths”, which put Poles in the position of guilt, undeserved and hurtful.

I am asking scientists to join a new chance, a new hope for Poles to establish a state, which would genuinely protect survival of Polish nation.

I am asking religious leaders, to promote meaningful relations, departed from duality of so called Sacrum vs Profanum.
Yet, there is only one Sacrum, the very source of our existence.
Life is imperfect, yet, duality doesn’t make world a better place, but so much worse. It is a state of mind, as well as practical projection of the state of mind, and shall be Sacrum, de facto.

Thank you,
Marek “Mark” J. W3gner

Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.

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