Reject Blanking Ethnic Lights – Slavic Illumination, because the firmament will never be the same. And this very principle apply to you as well … .

Two Fish; Trident… .


Bedzin Royal Town and the Castle where Hinco Ethiopus lived and worked, trusted by people and Royalty… .

Hinco Ethiopus was trusted not only to manage every day tasks, building and improving Castle on the Hill, as well as City Borough, yet, he was trusted to the extend where Royal Court Commissioned him with town Incorporation, which took place in 1358.

In Medieval times Bedzin had more dwellings made of stone than in XVIII-XIX century, which shows deep state of crisis with regard to Poland, due to the Partition of Poland (1772) by German and Germans (Germany, Austria, Russia had nearly identical administration, army and obviously Royalty, Aristocracy). Russia’s and Austria and Coat of Arms are nearly identical (Two Eagles looking in opposite direction).

To achieve their goal they removed the source of strength, which was Faith, Religion.

Once they achieved its goal, gradual partition of social interactions through marriages as well as bribery diluted entire Polish Social fabric. Once they achieved this Polish export was severely disrupted; grain, timber, crops, as well as natural resources. In XIX century nearly all industrial as well as farmlands were in foreign hands (same as today). Subsequently elites were replaced either by marriages, killings, assassinations until 1939 where total war aimed toward total reprogramming of Poles. And it worked. In modern times we can observe another wave of wiping out remaining Polish elites as well as Clergy due to the Celibacy, which contradict not only natural law but even Christ teachings.

Bedzin panoramic view a_edited-1

          The defining moment with regard to Poland, a tipping point was 1410 at the Battle of Grunwald.
This very victory became the source of international plot against Poles, maintained throughout the centuries, bit by bit weakening strong nation and country from nearly all directions. Polish Clergy were replaced with “imported Polish clergy”, yet, anchored in foreign countries. Nominations to high posts were conducted in such a fashion that required loyalty not toward the people of the nation they ought to lead toward salvation and prosperity, but the opposite. Polish intellectual elites were virtually erased from high education schools. This is the reason why elites remain silent while they should lead and protect Polish people.

            I want to emphasize that cooperation and mutual business is very much anticipated and welcome, yet, treating Poles and country, enslaved as international farm managed by foreign masters is unacceptable… .

Marek “Mark” J. Wagner

Mark J. Wagner

Mark J. Wagner  Free Poland I demand … .

Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner

Mark J. Wagner The Battle of Vienna was aimed to irreversibly stir relations between Poland and Turkey. The Cesar as well as powerful coalition managed international politics to alienate Poland with everybody: Turkey, Russia, Chech, Slovaks, Ukrainians, Germans even Sweden. Once Poland was excluded from good international relations, everybody agreed for the Partition.

The very same tactics were and are still being maintained, today at this very moment in Poland, Zabrze, Gliwice, Krakow, Warsaw, Chicago (places where I used live or visited).

The very same system of national disenfranchisement is still maintained, and it works, because Polish elites are reluctant to say “NO”.


Recently Polish Episcopate issued following statement with regard to Polish – German relations, quote: “we forgive and we ask for forgiveness”.
As I agree, quote: “we forgive”, please do not sign me up for “asking for forgiveness” – I reject any notion with regard to this sentence.

Mark J. Wagner

Mark J. Wagner I respect every nation and ethnicity, every religion, profoundly, yet, international affairs are not managed by everyday people like you and me, including Germans or people of Austria, Russia, Greeks or Dutch, French. Yet we shall not want to watch how some elites manage and navigate international relations at the expense of others.

I ask, humbly, every government, international association to reject any suggestion aiming toward Blanking Ethnic Lights – Slavic Illumination, because the firmament will never be the same. And this very principle apply to you as well … .


Jesus Christ Son of God and Anchor

Jesus Christ the Son of God – Anchor, or Fish of the Living … .

Clemens was a Greek theologian and noted that letters of the Greek word for fish, ΙΧΘΥΣ (pronounced Ichthys), made the following neat little acrostic:5

Ι (Iota) ΙησοῦςΧ (Chi) ΧριστόςΘ (Theta) ΘεοςΥ (Upsilon) ΥἱόςΣ (Sigma) Σωτήρ
Iesous Christos Theou Yios * Soter
Jesus Christ God’s Son Saviour

piscesvesica womb of the fish

Pieces Vesica: Womb of the Fish; Christ … .


Ethiopia; similar if not identical symbolism.


Hinco Ethipus Gmerk; Meaning vs Symbolism.

Hinco Ethiopus (1358) Gmerk – signature of townsman/crastsman (Latin); from Ethiopia. Spanish; kneeling Ethiopian (presumably; praying, follower of Christ).
Hinco Ethiopus – first Mayor of Bedzin; 5. 08.1358 (date of Incorporation).

As of today we don’t know who he was, yet, we can assume that he was a builder, likely a mason/bricklayer. Gmerk, Coat of Arms indicate his profession, possible reference with regard to Ethiopian symbolism, as well as an official name Hinco Ethiopus (Latin;” from Ethiopia” or Spanish: “praying Ethiopian”).

Hinco Ethiopus was officially nominated, by Polish King (Piast) Casimir the Great, great builder of Poland.

It is possible, yet, not proven, that the castle was designed and built by Hinco Ethiopus, once he finished his commission he left town, short time after being nominated as the Mayor.

Circular stone tower was built decades earlier, yet, High Castle was designed by implementation of Fibonacci’s Golden Rule, likely by a stonemason, highly skilled artist and an engineer.

Hinco Ethiopus – Gmerk is located within short distance from the Royal Castle (South part of Royal property), and it seems he was involved in designing and building as well as managing entire project.

Royal Castle was built according to the best/optimal exposure to light; East-West and Hinco Ethiopus envisioned his project across the Castle.

This is my personal opinion and assumption; Hinco Ethiopus was an architect and the builder of the Medieval fortress, yet, it is possible that he designed and built circular tower (layout is similar to the symbolism of his Gmerk; obvious signature and clue – high circular tower was built and raised on square foundation).

In 1358 Hinco Ethiopus must have been a very old man, and it seems he retired from an active role as a stonemason, architect. He sold his property/estate given by the King and retreated form the public view.




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