Royal Bedzin Mystery. Hinco Ethiopus; Latin ” from Ethiopia” or Spanish “praying Ethiopian” … .

  Mark J. Wagner  Hinco Ethiopus (1358) Gmerk – signature of townsman/crastsman (Latin); from Ethiopia. Spanish; kneeling Ethiopian (presumably; praying, follower of Christ).

Hinco Ethiopus – first Mayor of Bedzin; 5. 08.1358 (date of Incorporation).

As of today we don’t know who he was, yet, we can assume that he was a builder, likely a mason/bricklayer. Gmerk, Coat of Arms indicate his profession, possible reference with regard to Ethiopian symbolism, as well as an official name Hinco Ethiopus (Latin;” from Ethiopia” or Spanish: “praying Ethiopian”).

Hinco Ethiopus was officially nominated, by Polish King (Piast) Casimir the Great, great builder of Poland.

It is possible, yet, not proven, that the castle was designed and built by Hinco Ethiopus, once he finished his commission he left town, short time after being nominated as the Mayor.

Circular stone tower was built decades earlier, yet, High Castle was designed by implementation of Fibonacci’s Golden Rule, likely by a stonemason, highly skilled artist and an engineer.

Hinco Ethiopus – Gmerk is located within short distance from the Royal Castle (South part of Royal property), and it seems he was involved in designing and building as well as managing entire project.

Royal Castle was built according to the best/optimal exposure to light; East-West and Hinco Ethiopus envisioned his project across the Castle.

This is my personal opinion and assumption; Hinco Ethiopus was an architect and the builder of the Medieval fortress, yet, it is possible that he designed and built circular tower (layout is similar to the symbolism of his Gmerk; obvious signature and clue – high circular tower was built and raised on square foundation).

In 1358 Hinco Ethiopus must have been a very old man, and it seems he retired from an active role as a stonemason, architect. He sold his property/estate given by the King and retreated form the public view.

Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.



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