The Paramount Law of Transformation. Biological Blueprint of the Universe. Space Program sinc3 1452. Science vs Physics vs Love … .

golden ratio1a

Love manifest tangible science, in this instance, projection of progression, pre-designed data to maximize potential with regard to Universal sequence of transformation.

Love, let’s analyze population vs sophistication. Once you look at the biological forms of life, you will discover startling phenomenon associated with unparalleled growth, and breaking boundaries, de facto, perceptual, intellectual attainment, and certainly fulfillment in subsequent stage, with regard to social character of molecular and energetic performance.

In addition, love is accelerating perceptual, artistic expression, the very creative force, which dwells since initiation of sequence, and sure prior to Universal initiation. Tasks associated with love are often breathtaking, yet, proving practical paradigm with regard to maximizing potential.

Where love dwells, than subsequent anticipated projection of progression and accelerated pace with regard to sophistication is undeniable and attainable.

Love projects a tangible guarantee, embedded at a certain phase of sequence, a new scientific paradigm, very much divine science, which is leading sequential projection of progression toward attainment of a new frontiers, aware energy.

Love represent scientific term, a threshold allowing to reach another level in Universal sequence, this time, well defined science based on awareness, emotions and free will.

Love, anticipate tangible brilliantly designed science, based on integrated and unified forces, molecular, energies, as well as attainment of a new frontier.

Another quality of science of love is accelerated pace with regard to potential progression vs projection of progression, the essence, as of today, of sequential transition. Without the science of love, human will face progressive regress toward biological organisms, which dwell by the basic requirement of procreation, instead of maximizing potential in terms of awareness, intelligence, fulfillment, aesthetic paradigm within Universal projection of progression and obviously beyond molecular state of being.

Love is an opportunity, scientific discovery of an enormous potential with regard to energy, integrated fragmentation of a whole into whole of a quantified energy, as well as integrated power of social energy. There nothing more powerful and promising, than this science based on energy (emotions) of performance. Pure science … .

Love is a natural physical and energetic occurrence since human body is considered an art form; biological engineering, practical solutions, de facto, in all aspects embedded within Universal sequence.

Love, to disregard scientific achievement of this phenomenon, which not only produces tangible results, de facto, positive, yet, manifest essential platform to attain something that is very unique and very human, satisfaction and purpose to build sequential quantified system in an integrated, in this very moment, transition, where all doors and gates of the Universe are open, scientific, perceptual, and energy progressing beyond known quantitative frame of aware participation, yet, very much promising.

Love, powerful energy, once compatibility is integrated… .

Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.

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