Royal Castle in Bedzin – Settlement … .

Dear Friends,
Here is submitted, updated map of the Royal Castle in Bedzin. Map is updated, based on my observations and analisis.

To date, maps and illustrations do not indicate defensive walls from the East. I came to the conclusion that there must have been a defensive walls (in blue) as well as defensive towers.

According to my observations, the dry Moat was also used as a path of transportation between sections with regard to defensive structure, divided by walls from the High Castle toward external walls, with openings in it, which were de facto, used for the Castle crew.

The Royal Castle was the Medieval state of the art defensive outpost, which was encircled by defensive walls, Przemsza River on the South-West, West and North side.

The Holy Trinity Church was integrated within defensive system and at the same time separated from it, by its own defensive structure and possibly watch towers.

The Watch Towers within the High Castle played not only military role, but was also important navigation structure for extensively travelling merchants from Kijev, via Krakow, Bedzin to Poznan, as well as Krakow, Bedzin to Wroclaw.

Watch Tower within the High Castle was also used as an essential navigation reference point for fisherman and so called Water People, who were traveling along Przemsza River, which connected, since ancient times, Wisla River, Warta River and Odra River (that’s why Boleslaw the Shy had built unusually tall tower, 1/3 taller than it is now-shortened in 1834) .

According to some accounts, important passage for Water People was located in short distance to the North from Bedzin Castle Mount; so called Przewloka, connecting Przemsza River with Warta River. Przemsza River few decades ago was a wide navigable river, very rich in fish and in ancient times timber and timber industry along the Przemsza River.

Bedzin Castle Mount, was very profitable for the local people and very much for Royalty in Krakow Wawel (records and taxations, fees indicate that locals were very prosperous landlords, farmers).

The people of Bedzin deserve well earned admiration since ancient times; IX-X century the settlement was established on the Castle Mount, yet, first settlers were already in this region 150 000 years earlier (between glaciation).

Fantastic History is yet to be discovered, as a “key” layout of the High Castle eloquently indicate along with Golden Rule (Fibonacci).

The Bedzin People never gave up on their Castle, and thanks to them this Magnificent structure still dwell on The Royal Castle Mount.


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