Classic/nationalized war and the private/institutionalized war, same objective and identical results.

About an art of elimination; Wars; classic wars, deceptive wars, private/institutionalized wars.

Dear Friends, wars rarely end, yet, conflicts, after the so called nationalized wars, become the subject of adjustments in terms of tactics and methods, yet, the objective is usually the same.

After WWII “ended”, national and ethnic conflicts went through adjustments, which mislead entire generation, certainly nations.

From full blown national conflicts, war in Europe progressed into the private-institutionalized  often supported by governments and religious centers.

After physical carnage, private wars moved toward economic conflicts, as well as education, social disenfrenchisement of families, social groups, including ethnic and religious, as well as entire nations. Poland went through entire scheme up to the present state of affairs. After all the target is human being, family, same as in the old days, during WWII, yet, tools are quite different.

My personal situation, my father’s, my children, education, employment, family, enslavement, entire story reflect the notion of extended conflict from WWII to present day, and surely long before.

Private war is very much encouraged and supported by powerful sponsors, in this scenario, institutions, organizations (social/military) backed by governments, corporations, and even religious leaders, who happens to join the rank not for the privilege to promote salvation of man, but contradict its meaning.

Private war brought my family to serious crisis, while using my family members against each other (same as during classic, nationalized war). Private war brought entire set of blockades, such as starting the family, education, essential liberties within society.

Private war also brought serious consequences in terms health threats, as well as life threatening events, staged accidents.

Another important development with regard to private/institutionalized war is smearing campaign; in this instance, I am, as well as my father and my family, the prime target to destroy reputation and personal dignity through criminal activity of people, who are behind fabrications, labeling, even criminal acts, toward other people, friends, family, while negative implications aim against group of people even entire societies, nations, religions as well as myself – anything to achieve its goal.

Private/institutionalized war resulted in downfall of the entire Socialistic system, which many components were adopted by Capitalistic system of governing, indicating that Socialists were not all wrong about some issues.

Private/institutionalized war against Poles also resulted in severe reduction with regard to entire population: 7 millions reduction since 1990 (!).

The program aiming toward erasing Poles from its own country, since 1772, is proving its effectiveness – Poles are gradually disappearing, yet, within two decades, drastically (Poland lost more people since 1990, than during entire WWII).

Classic/nationalized war and the private/institutionalized war, same objective, and identical results.

Dear Polish citizens, you have the right to be unprepared, mislead, because these methods embed highly sophisticated technologies, nearly unlimited resources, entire science able to mold and anesthetize perception, after all, you’ve got against you the best, super league, motivated toward its goal.

Now, I am asking Polish elites, extraordinary people, state of the art minds, with great credible education, experience, tradition; why you didn’t and still don’t defend Polish people against vividly showed threats. Why you watched while ordinary Poles were suffering, while being expelled from its own land. This is the essential role of national elites to protect and navigate nation – you weren’t and still deny its own essential role.

I won’t relate to my own situation, which brought to tragic end of my father, which surrounded my children and accomplishments with disgrace of burglarization, enslavement, and death threats, health as well, yet, the only reason for this, was and still is, elimination and marginalization. This text illustrate the motivation of my hidden enemies.

Today, Dear Polish citizens you’ve got to face a threat of private/institutionalized war, but people, who watch the carnage of our homes, lives, hopes, dignity, tradition, displaced communities, even Holy Sacraments, violating religious sensitivity, Poles, you’ve got against you those, who shall protect and defend the future of the nation, yet, they chose to remain comfortably silent.

There are, yet, people, who still care about justice and dignity of men, yet, suppressed by the insensitive sense of comfort and well being, often separated from the mainstream of everyday people.

Marek “Mark” J. Wagner

Your Excellence Archbishop S. Gadecki, Episcopate of Poland, please accept an invitation and humble request, prayer on a behalf of my family, children, as well as empathy toward me, entire Polish nation, which always dwell in my heart and mind.

Mark J. Wagner's photo.

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