The Paramount Law of Transformation. Biological Blueprint of the Universe. Space Program sinc3 1452. Universal Initiation and Types of Reference Points … .

Due to the Universal symmetry, the notion of the center of the universe irrelevant, yet, biological projection, is where progression reached important, miraculous chapter, since initiation sequence took place.

In addition, spontaneous initiation of the Universal sequence was a result of resonant waves, which pounded inanimate space until initiation was possible.

With regard to previous article, published last night, I would like add that molecular world and Universe there are three distinct types of
Universal Reference Points:

* static alignment (molecular world)
* dynamic, interactive alignment (biological and humans)
* aware energy alignment (progression of intelligent, interactive awareness and intelligence.

Motion vs light spectrum leads to awareness and logic. It is an essential relationship between energy, fundamental carrier of data vs space vs motion. This is the prove, that particles learn and progress, even without interactive awareness.

Intelligent Design is intelligent throughout and it is a wonderful discovery that a chance is being replaced by the superior design is undeniable.


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