The Paramount Law of Transformation. Biological Blueprint of the Universe. Space Program sinc3 1452. Rising of Awareness…


Bio Blueprint of the Universe A_edited-1

Universe; Physical data vs Rising of Awareness. 

Awareness is as old as a Universal progression, since miraculous initiation sequence took place. De facto the history of awareness is the history of light interacting with an inanimate matter.

While contemplating the origin of awareness, we shall analyze few essential universal qualities with regard to Intelligent Design; light, space, motion.

Light manifest the energy of transformation anchored with motion, which performs in space.

The history of awareness starts in this very moment, somehow destined to reach the point where kinetic, interactive awareness arise from a static molecular awareness, yet, projection of awareness is progressing still.

At this point we can define three major types of awareness:

  • static molecular awareness, where particles react with elements in organized and predictable scheme, such as spectrum of light, temperature and motion
  • dynamic interactive awareness, manifesting projection from a static molecular awareness (human)
  • aware energy, a subsequent progression and the facto, returning to the very beginning of the initiation sequence, the source of Intelligent Design.

Subsequently we search for a defining moment, a tipping point, where awareness is taking its shape and eloquence of understanding, beyond necessity of molecular awareness,  as well as  the essence of calculative  performance within awareness. This is, de facto, defining moment; orientation of a biological object vs light vs motion. 

In this instance, miraculous performance of awareness becomes a necessity with regard to progression of projection. Human Biological Blueprint of the Universe illustrate, eloquently, the phenomenon of  awareness even in human anatomical design – brain, which is the most exposed, optimized quantified feature, with regard to spectrum of light, as well as spherical motions (global as well as within vicinity).

Awareness, by the design,  was miraculously developed by a necessity, orientation, with regard to spectrum of light, spherical motion in terms of global, Universal motion, tr5nsitions, as well as local. Perhaps the very first feature of the awareness was an internal gyroscope, highly sophisticated mechanism within biological functionality.

Molecules can learn, and are formulated in such a way, somehow destined for performance.

Awareness, it seems, has a  tendency to replicate a distant pattern, definition, from which entire sequence was initiated, the essence and the source of transformation.

Once again, we can repeat  previous statement with regard to quantified Universal sequence, and apply to the sequential rise of the awareness from a static through dynamic, interactive to aware energy of higher order :

Quantum (the essence):

* singularity dwells in whole, yet, all dwell in singularity = I am in you, you are in me … .

Breathtaking simplicity, in every instance, Divine … .

Replication sequence, in this instance rising of awareness is also adequate, and parallel in biological, human interactions; DNA, social.


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