The Paramount Law of Transformation. Biological Blueprint of the Universe. Space Program sinc3 1452…


Space Program sinc3 1452… .

Universe; individuality vs parallels vs quantified essence. Molecules; formation of physical data. 

Human, in  terms of the design, manifest breathtaking solution, progression of projection. The question is as follows: human civilization in all fantastic abundance and similarities, represent singularities, yet, different, but at the same time, not so remote in all functionalities, physical, mental, spiritual, as well as intellectual eloquence.

There are  vast variations, which shape individuality, yet, one of the most profound is location of biological system vs projected light in space. This is, in my opinion, very important clue, when it comes to singularity of individuality, defined profoundly through quantified progression of projection with regard to spectrum of light, subtle molecular, as well as energetic radiation, data, which profoundly shape human existence, so similar, yet, different (locally, and even more diversified globally).
While living in united quantified Universal progression, variations, in terms of exposure of data, spectrum of light, energies, potential and kinetic,  projected by the Universe, fragmented, yet, compatible data, is fertilizing human, well, all biological existence (fauna and flora and even living unaware molecular world), even stars and galaxies, with an individual imprint. The only common manifestation within Universal sequential progression, is diversity, yet, progressing within permissible vicinity of practical and aesthetic eloquence.

The sequential parallels of individuality, are driven by Intelligent D3sign, fueled by vast compatible diversities.

Beautiful d3sign of Universal progression, indeed, where  individuality dwell, while propelling entire sequence toward infinity, well, I shall say, it’s the essential ingredient of infinity … .

Diversity in unity toward infinite progression of projection in aesthetic, as well as practical sequential parallels. It does make sense, simple, where complexity is being reduced by seamless beauty of Intelligent Design.

All of the above is provable and observable within Biological existence, as well as throughout the Universe as we know it, and I’m sure beyond … .

Space Program sinc3 1452… . Molecules; formation of physical data. 

Molecules within Universe, are being formed  through nuclear fusion and motion, spin, de facto, centrifuge and temperature, where fragmentation is progressing, while forming molecules from energies, including subatomic to heavy particles, yet, all molecules come from energy and Universal-global, as well local, within vicinity centrifugal system.

Universe is turning globally and locally, as well as contracting and expanding. Identical properties are observable within human, and nearly all biological and molecular manifestations of existence.

Temperature and motion, Universal-global, and local, separate and form molecules, yet, while global Universal temperature is decreasing, motion of Universe is also slowing down, centrifuge, which populate Universe with molecules, as well as energies, are also affected by this process.

Human brain represent subsequent model of centrifuge, while forming, through quantified progression and projection, aware energy within Universal sequence.


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