Bedzin Royal Castle … .

Bedzin panoramic view a_edited-1

Bedzin Royal Castle in the Morning Mist

Royal Castle, one of the oldest Slavic settlements, incorporated in 1358, yet, wooden stronghold was built in IX century.

The history of Bedzin and the vicinity is truly fascinating. Recorded archaeological findings indicate that the  first settlers came to this region  over 20 thousands years ago.

Bedzin ab


Untitled- 1_filtered

Untitled- 1_filtered_edited-a

AAAA picture_edited a

Bedzin a_edited-1

Panorama P Mierosz Bedzin A

Palac Mieroszewskich A

Bedzin Holy Trinity

Bedzin b

Bedzin View a

Spectacular view from the Mieroszewski Mansion at Bedzin – Gzichow; Royal Castle and the Holy Trinity Church founded by the King Casimir the Great, who was also the protector of the Church.


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