The Paramount Law of Transformation. Biological Blueprint of the Universe. Space Program sinc3 1452 … . Quantum

The Paramount Law of Transformation. Biological Blueprint of the Universe. Space Program sinc3 1452 … .

Quantum (the essence of the Universe):

* singularity dwells in whole,yet, all dwell in singularity = I am in you, you are in me … .

My fascination with the man, carried me to the Universe … .
The Paramount Law of Transformation (ῶ) Magnificent Awareness

Quantum Theory is not a theory but a real phenomenon, an essential law, based of fragmentation sequence, particles as well as energies.

Wave paradigm also manifest quantum properties. In addition, quantum physics from subatomic phenomenons, energies, de facto, to UNiversal, represent the very same quality.

To measure Quantum, is like measuring a thought, yet, it is possible to measure some principal physical properties (length of wave). Quantum r3present scientific philosophy with regard to formulating Universal sequence, where the fundamental paradigm is the vision, an idea of the whole (without it strange creatures from the ancient Greek mythology come to mind – Gorgon or Minotaur).

Wave Theory on UNiversal scale is, de facto, the largest Quantum phenomenon within Sequence in Universe as we know it. In addition, properly formulated quantum fragmentations, resonate and Initiate a new sequence, beyond Universe as we know it, new Universal sequence beyond our own.

Miraculous initiation through resonant waves of subsequent Universal entities, is a classic and eloquent sinusoidal existential quantified wave, which vary in length, as well as intensity. Our existence is essentially defined and formulated, approximately, by sequence of wave from the Sun to Earth, I call it The 8th Cycle of the Creation (energy of light is traveling approx. 8 minutes from the Sun to Earth – simplified formula).

Universe as we know it, is going through Universal Quantum sequence within Wave Paradigm (r3sonant length represent quantified property within another quantifi3d property, where all are part of quantified whole, and whole is quantified part, which translate as follows: we live in a subsequent Universal sequence, yet, space, which we call it Universe, either was or will be, or was and will be sequential (this approximation is perhaps the most accurate), according to the Quantified Universes, which are subsequent progression of projections; same system, mechanism is implemented from subatomic, energetic to Universal and Multiverse progressions of projections.

Quantum Law is compatible with Biological Blueprint of the Universe from cellular (subatomic) to social.

The power of Intelligent Design is manifesting its genius in simplicity.

Bio Blueprint of the Universe A_edited-1

Bio Blueprint of the Universe B


DNA of the Universe A
Equation AB

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