Poisons ?

Mark J. Wagner On Friday I experienced strange symptoms, similar in effect to overdosing blood thinners: blood from my mouth, headache, slight dizziness, blurred vision, and blood in my eyes ( I do not take any medications).

In ancient times, Roman Empire was using extensively poisons. Attila the Hun after returning from war, was poisoned by his wife (after the wedding), probably by blood thinners. She was a spy of Rome.

Yet, I am no warrior, or a threat, unless my words are being perceived as such.

Mark J. Wagner's photo.

Today was a very difficult day. After returning from Platan/Bookstore I felt like something hit my head, apparently I felt severe discomfort, anxious and profoundly disrupted from my typical rhythm, calmness. It happened on ul. Wolnosci and Plac Wolnosci. This sensation lasted for few hours.

Mark J. Wagner's photo.

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