The Paramount Law of Transformation Biological Blueprint of the Universe. Memory. Mathematics vs Aesthetic Paradigm. Energies. Reality. Resonant Waves vs Initiation Sequence.

The Paramount Law of Transformation

Biological Blueprint of the Universe.

Memory: molecular-kinetic memory vs interactive memory.

Mathematics vs Aesthetic Paradigm

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Memory: molecular-kinetic memory vs interactive memory.

Molecular-kinetic memory vs interactive memory explains progression of Universal sequence. Within Universe all elements are precisely engineered to carry kinetic-molecular memory, data, de facto, activated via spectrums of light and temperature. Inanimate Universe, prior to initiation sequence, cold light, background energy, dark matter, is activated via initiation elements, yet, most profoundly, energy according to The Paramount Law of Transformation, Biological Blueprint  of the Universe.

Within Universal progression, chain reaction is activated, yet, more precisely kinetic-molecular memory, data, which is still populated by light spectrums, neutrino for example, day and night. According to The Paramount Law of Transformation, Biological Blueprint of the Universe, kinetic-molecular memory progressed into interactive memory. Kinetic-molecular memory is also present within human, biological functionality, since awareness is not engaged, yet, performance is maintained.

Both, kinetic-molecular memory, as well as interactive memory, are essential with regard  to performance, and progression toward higher order.

The process of engineering of the Universal progression, prior initiation sequence, the 8th Cycle of the Creation, illustrate the preparation stage, prior to chain reaction. Universe is simple, yet, complex, and is performing according to the very same biological sequence as a man, including memory, kinetic-molecular, and subsequently interactive memory. Perhaps there are more memory fragmentations, blended into seamless substance, because Universe, every sequence is preprogrammed, as well as fertilization of matter via light spectrums, toward higher projections.

Light spectrum, ale tending the Earth day and night, where intensity varies (via waves), yet, interaction between neutrino, and inner core might be a key to understand gravity. Surely light interacts with data, kinetic-molecular memory of matter, which is progressing, as long as light spectrum and temperature are interacting via impregnating inanimate matter into molecular animation.

Universal spectacle, fireworks impregnate inanimate matter via light, including energies, which are without mass, de facto, the future of human progression of projection.

Another important aspect, are Universal stages. We know that light interacts with inanimate matter (Universal background, cold light). Temperature, universal oven is activating preprogrammed, precisely engineered kinetic-molecular memory, data, which miraculously progress into the interactive memory, yet, both dwell as an integral system of projection.

Human vs Universe, existence (stages):

  • prior initiation stage, where all elements are in place yet, “fertilization” is still in the process (Universe prior initiation sequence, negative or neutral intensity of Resonant Waves)
  • Universal initiation (fertilization), where molecules, as well as powerful energies are blended into the biological electromagnetic explosion
  • pregnancy (immediately after the Universal initiation), development of the progression via cell multiplications and divisions
  • birth, and subsequent stages, de facto formation of Universe via interaction between compatible opposites, light vs cold light, temperature
  • subsequent stages of development, progression of projection.

It’s important to define the stage in which Universe dwell at the very fragmentation of sequence, due to the fact, that we will be able to asses approximation of subsequent stages.

In addition, Vortex of Matter is parallel with the Biological Process of Cell Replacement. Both are identical in terms of maximizing performance, renewal, progression. Cellular automation, within human body, as well as recycling, reprogramming of the Universe via Vortex of Matter are fantastically similar phenomenons.

Mathematics vs Aesthetic Paradigm

Recently I’ve read interesting articles written by mathematician, brilliant, sophisticated, yet, at some point he is saying: “mathematics doesn’t have to be elegant”. As I wrote in my articles, math and geometry represent interactive narration, yet, translated in to two different languages. If math can not be translated into the geometrical eloquence, than something is missing, even if it works for the moment.

Dear friends, entire Universe represent progression of projection, 3D, Alfa-Dimention, from which progression of possibilities is developing from less complex to the very complex formulations.

Aesthetic paradigm in Universe is profoundly embedded, yet, man, is encapsulated within, as well as externally with aesthetic perception, manifestations, aware as well as unaware.

Matter is populated through spectrum of light, and it seems, the process, data embedded within, penetrate visible and invisible world, Molecular Communication and Neutrino (chapters from my book The Paramount Law of Transformation. Biological Blueprint of the Universe. The Law of Everything), are stating that aesthetic paradigm is essential, built-in in every process of transformation.

Elegant projection is not an accessory, but fundamental quality, with regard to blended fragmentation of the Universal progression. Why ? Because elegance is seamless, represent physical quality, with regard to practical solutions, besides perceptual fiesta. Aesthetic paradigm, elegance is, de facto, at the foundation of Intelligent Design.

The Paramount Law of Transformation

Mathematics vs 3D vs Molecules vs Energies vs Reality

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Mathematics, algebraic language is flat, any number represent simplified translation from 3D (mind vs 3D projection vs idea).

Universe is Geometrical, and then translated into numbers and equations. This is the process

of rediscovering reality, as well as perceptual expansion of awareness ( I wrote about it for more than a decade).

Number is flat, even equation represent flat, non practical property, unless will be translated into 3D projection, yet, the very process is reversed, 3D projection, any projection, is Universal, and then can be translated into numbers, not vice versa, numbers which dwell within 3D space.

As I have indicated in my articles, dimension is irreversibly interconnected with 3D.

Number is, de facto, flat in 3D space, yet, projected via intelligent process of rationalization from 3D to numerical sequence. This is the classic example how Intelligent Design simplify process of the design, across the Universe, within human mind ( mind performs, propagate projection within 3D through electromagnetic waves). I would like emphasize, once again, 3D Geometric progression of projection is integrated, yet, numbers and equations always dwell within 3D, Alpha Dimension, the source and platform in which mathematical language can perform.

Number is flat, yet, gracefully performing within 3D Universe, Intelligent Design.

Reality. Reality is only one, singular, undivided, because represent progression from Universal sequence, since initiation, and then optimized into perceptual, molecular, unaware and molecular aware. Yet, reality is expanding along with 3D awareness, the very frame of perception, we define as knowledge, sophistication.

Reality reveal its secrets through progression of awareness and subsequently projections, yet, projections oscillate within energies.

If there were more realities, molecular, than variety of realities, not connected, would represent chaos (human invention), inconsistent Universe, which would not perform, as it does according to The Paramount Law of Transformation, Biological Blueprint of the Universe. Singular Reality is progressing into variety of projections, yet, represent blended progression from the very source, fragmentations, projections … .

Molecules. Molecules are indestructible, yet, transformable into other physical imprint of data. If particle disintegrate, than, de facto, data transformation is at play. Molecules, any molecule represent energy. That’s all it is, our entire integrated world is oscillating within energies, from simple to complex progressions and subsequently projections.

Molecules vs energy. As I have indicated in previous articles, every molecular data is, de facto, progressing toward energy, potential or real. Molecules, physical world is formulated toward performance, precisely engineered molecules, able to change its state into energy.

I Believe in Intelligent Design and I know that you and I we are the projection of the most wonderful performance, Theater, Divine in every detail and manifestation. I am grateful for the opportunity … .

The Paramount Law of Transformation

Human vs Positive Compounding Energy vs Negative Compounding Energy


The Paramount Law of Transformation

Biological Blueprint of the Universe vs Energy

The Law of Everything

Human is the most sophisticated progression of projection within Universe, and via reaching the stage of aware energy, human is virtually interacting with the Universe, yet, human has the ability to shape Universal reality by multiplication of aware energy. In this very instance, the performance of Universe is also determined by human performance (classic law: action vs reaction).

We shall not disregard this notion, for the sake of the future, as well as the process of designing positive compounding vs negative compounding energies, profoundly important, and defining the future of human race.

I would like to emphasize that human performance, in terms of positive energy vs negative energy (ethical standards) is resonating via energies, most sophisticated, and this process is able to transform the Universe. How extensive this interaction is, well, it is hard to determine, yet, interaction does exist, resonate.

Virtually everything within Universe, as we know it, is energy, data, de facto. Density play important, if not defining role, yet, we live an thrive in varieties of energies, precisely distributed and managed. Human represent Universal projection, yet, transforming still, into aware energy, which logical subsequent Universal development, yet, it is, de facto, a journey to the very source of Universal progression.

Human manifest subsequent progression of kinetic energy into kinetic interactive energy, energy, which if progressing at this very moment.

The Paramount Law of Transformation

Vortex of Matter vs Resonant Waves vs Initiation Sequence

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Biological Blueprint of the Universe A

Vortex of Matter is creating Resonant Waves. It is possible that by releasing energy and data into inanimate space, subsequent Initiation sequence is taking place. The intensity of Resonant Waves, at certain point of sequence, activates chain reaction, similar to the Initiation sequence of our own Universal, profoundly potent World.

Described process is compatible with Biological Blueprint of the Universe, The Law of Everything. Resonant waves are present within Universe, as we know it, yet, within human functionality, brain electromagnetic waves, heartbeat, human electromagnetic field.

Resonant waves dwell within Universe, as we know it, de facto, manifested within intellectual and physical functionality of every human being. The Paramount Law of Transformation, Biological Blueprint of the Universe represent the essence of Intelligent Design, yet, Universe, in all occurring phenomenons is mirroring essential, fundamental laws, paradigms of progressed projections.


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