The Paramount Law of Transformation. The Law of Everything. Magnificent Awareness. Mathematics. 3D. Molecules. Energies … .

Bio Blueprint of the Universe A_edited-1

Mathematics, algebraic language is flat, any number represent simplified translation from 3D (mind vs 3D projection vs idea).

Universe is Geometrical and then translated into numbers and equations. This is the process of rediscovering reality, as well as perceptual expansion of awareness ( I wrote about it for more than a decade).

Number is flat, even equation represent flat, non practical property, unless will be translated into 3D projection, yet, the very process is reversed, 3D projection, any projection, is Universal, and then can be translated into numbers not vice versa, numbers which dwell in 3D.

As I have indicated in my articles, dimension is irreversibly interconnected with 3D. Number is, de facto, flat in 3D space, yet, projected via intelligent process of rationalization from 3D to numerical sequence. This is the classic example how Intelligent Design simplify process of design, across the Universe, within human mind ( mind is 3D as well).

I would like emphasize once again, 3D Geometric progression of projection is integrated, yet, numbers and equations always dwell within 3D, Alpha Dimension the source where mathematical language can perform.

Reality. Reality is only one, singular, undivided, because represent progression from Universal sequence, since initiation, and then optimized into perception, molecular, unaware and molecular aware. Yet, reality is expanding along with 3D awareness, the very frame of perception, we define as knowledge, sophistication.

If there were more realities, molecular (besides energetic, which at end of the day is the same), than variety of realities, which are not connected, would represent chaos (human invention), inconsistent Universe, which would not perform, as it does according to The Paramount Law of Transformation, Biological Blueprint of the Universe. Singular reality is progressing into variety of projections … .

Molecules. Molecules are non destructible, yet, transformable into other physical imprint of data. If particle disintegrate, than, de facto, data transformation is at play. Molecules, any molecule is energy.

Molecules vs energy. As I have indicated in previous articles, every molecular data is, de facto, progressing toward energy, potential or real.

Here are few comments, which I find inconsistent in various statements and articles. Dear friend, flat is non existent, the only exception is number, yet, gracefully performing within 3D Intelligent Design.

I Believe in Intelligent Design and I know that you and I we are the projection of the most wonderful performance, Theater, Divine in every detail and manifestation. I am grateful for the opportunity … .

( I will not disclose the source or author, yet, to avoid repercussions. In addition Biological Blueprint of the Universe was initiated by my ancestor, and I hold the authorship).


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