European Union: Few words of advice … .

To: European Union Decision Makers

Dear European Friends

Europe went through rough times in the past, since then progress has been made, yet, progress threatened by the weapon, which already irreversibly damaged great powers of the past.

One of the essential reasons, which affected permanency of management, and power was and still is corruption, yet, the worst weapon, invented to date, which can ravage any social order is human rights. This is defining issue, when it comes to the survival of the European Union. If you won’t be able to fix it, growing problem with regard to human rights, than European Union is already a history.

Please learn from this lesson. If European Union will be fragmented, as in the past, wars will ravage the continent, perhaps for the last time.

If European Union won’t be able to fix human rights issues, in every country, than fragmented Europe will become a stage of wars, destruction.

Please pay attention to human rights issues, which are accumulating, skilfully engineered to destroy European Unity.

You, Decision Makers, have the obligation and the right to step in and demand, implement, enforce, prosecute human rights violations, not only by penalties, but by reacting via envoys, representatives, who represent issues, which touch human lives.

Please pay attention to religious arguments. Religion dwells in Europe for more than 1000 years. Disregarding this would be, well, you know.

If European Union will fail with regard to implementation of human rights, entire system will fail, and that’s the plan of those, who are already working on it, day and night.

Once again, fragmented European States, are sure way for devastating wars, which is already inflaming Eastern flank.

I hope that Decision Makers will listen to this voice. Please be sensitive, resolute toward protection of human rights, dignity, please be sensitive about any sign of abuse, and react, ask, demand answers, delegate good people and explore issues diligently, yet, Europe will enjoy prosperity and the future, unified and ethically healthy.

Marek “Mark” J. Wagner

Mark J. Wagner's photo.

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