Your Holiness Pope Francis Vatican Clergy of Poland … .

(image: L’Osservatore Romano)

Your Holiness Pope Francis


Clergy of Poland

Your Holiness, time is urgent, with every passing by unique, one of a kind day, as issues I am about to explore, yet, touching the very fabric of our beloved Faith, The Roman Catholic Church, Polish clergy, people of faith, the very fabric of our existence, the way, defined by service to God, by serving the people.

Your Holiness, your sensitivity about issues, which touch human civilization, often troubling issues, besides good, progressive developments within Church and global progress, as well as Vatican’s sensitivity toward social progress, under aware submission, toward higher spiritual sophistication, unity with God, Jesus Christ, de facto, service toward human family, we all are, is providing beautiful platform, essential reference, with regard to ideas, as well as dialogue, and solutions we can explore without reservations, artificial barriers, or bias, but will to see, explore certain aspects of human interactions through eyes of others. By this very act, we participate in the Universal dialogue of ideas, dialogue which can lead in one direction, desired by all, progress, fulfillment, journey toward happiness, Salvation, by embracing The Gift, by embracing the Gift with joy, we, at this very moment share on Earth, gift of life, by embracing The Gift with joy, and to allow others to share this very profound, aware sensation, life in vast Universe.

The gift of life, perhaps we will never entirely grasp the whole spectrum of unique quality of existence, yet, we shall try, we shall try to embrace The Gift, and allow for others to embrace The Gift of life, along with the Joy. We are alive in vast Universe, we are, You and I.

I am useless creation under the blue sky, yet, I am being called to rise, from dust to embrace The Gift, Gift of Life, and I am profoundly grateful for this unique opportunity, profoundly grateful that He gave me part of Himself to enjoy existence, to see, to feel, to think, to perceptually embrace The Gift, life, de facto.

Universe would not be possible without replication, procreation, progression and projection toward higher order, yet, in Poland, virtuous souls, who were called to serve God, are denied Universal qualities, natural, Universal narration. Celibacy is prohibiting clergy to enter the service of nation, and humanity via family, their own Universal Gift. Yet, the Gift is denied, clergy are not allowed to access Universal paradigm, natural law. Polish clergy became so loyal to God, that in this very instance, became disloyal to men. This is the Paradox of Good Intentions Your Holiness Pope Francis. Yet, The Gift oscilate between God and men. God precisely demand from men to serve one another, and, at this very moment, man serves God. Procreation is at the foundation, at the center of God’s world. Without procreation, the Gate of Universal Initiation, Creation, would not be unlocked.

Your Holiness, I am asking, humbly, to solve the Paradox of Good Intentions, and allow clergy in Poland, Slavic nations, to marry and procreate. Poland is in deep crisis at this very moment, depopulation is linked to few main factors, economic, social reprogramming, formation of awareness, yet, depopulation of Poland is profoundly linked with Celibacy. Young men and girls, millions of talented, well ethically formatted citizens, well educated, throughout decades, centuries depopulate nation, nation, which stands by the Vatican, the Pope, nation, which never failed, yet, celibacy is Causing this very nation to fade away, and disappear.

Your Holiness, time is urgent, with every man and girl, called to service of God, Poland is depopulated still, yet, Poland is denied, in each boy and girl, to carry and pass on unique DNA narration, Universal paradigms, natural law. Your Holiness, please allow clergy to embrace The Gift, and to pass it on, and extend the service to God through narration of DNA.

The Paradox of Good Intentions is solvable, within a reach, The Paradox of Good Intentions shall not stand in the way of national survival, The Paradox of Good Intentions can be transformed, and teach us, future generations, that the Universal Paradigm of Procreation, natural law is, by the very essence, molded by the Creator to flourish, eternally, by passing The Gift for next generations.

Your Holiness Pope Francis, Vatican hierarchy, within few days great people of the Catholic Church, people of Faith, will gather to discuss issues associated with the family. What a great cause to meet, and work, together, to pave the way for next generations, yet, I am asking great hearts and minds of the Catholic Church, to allow Polish, Slavic clergy to embrace The Gift. Please abolish Celibacy under The National Slavic Roman Catholic Church, Church, which always stood by St. Peter’s Basilica, and will remain where its been anchored, yet, Poland needs to solve depopulation issue, the problem of survival of the entire nation, ethnicity, unique imprint, which dwell on this land for 12 000 years, surely longer.

Poland always stood by the Pope, Poland always stood by the Vatican, Poland always stood, even at times, when silence followed melting stones, melting hopes, melting dignity in distress, abuse, Poles stood by their Shepherd, Pope, Vatican, Poland stood by God.

Your Holiness, Celibacy is causing depopulation. The problem is so severe, that the Slavic nation is on the verge of extinction.

Your Holiness, let Poles embrace The Gift, and pass it on the next generations, via DNA narration, beautiful narration between man and the woman, Polish, Slavic narration of its sons, and daughters, let Slavic people to embrace The Gift, and flourish, according to the Universal paradigm, according to the natural law, yet, you’ll be called The Father of The Gift, narration, which has its source in God’s heart and mind, narration we can hear in every man, in every woman, narration we can hear in every child, in every human, who was called, in vast Universe, to embrace The Gift.

The Father of the Gift, His Holiness Pope Francis, the Vatican, Cardinals, Bishops, Clergy, Brothers, Sisters, Nuns, People of Living Faith, Thank You and God Bless,

Marek “Mark” J. Wagner

The Narration of The Gift, DNA narration, is beautifully, poetically described in the Bible:

“And God blessed them, and God said unto them, be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the Earth”.

“Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and He took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh around it. And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made He a woman, and brought her unto the man. And Adam said, this is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.

“Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring, a reward from him”.


If situation will have a tendency to progress as it’s been, to date, than within certain period of time, there will be no one to sit in pews during The Holy Mass Your Holiness.

To: The Holy Father Pope Francis


People of Faith

Celibacy Abolishing

(Zniesienie Celibatu)

As a man of faith and as a man, who practices actively religious rituals, as a man, who is the product of tradition, as well as modern reality, I came to the conclusion, that celibacy, at least in some instances, contradict human nature, and the very act of the creation. Human, by the act of the creation manifest unity of spirit and matter. As long as we live, matter and soul, Divine particle within, is irreversibly blended together.

My intention is not to interfere with religious practices and norms, in this instance, celibacy, yet, this topic needs to be reexamine, I believe.

One of the most important qualities of man, in my opinion, the most important, is the emotional sphere, which defines man in every aspect of existence, from religious, spiritual, perceptual, to the very materialistic, existential, including scientific. Most, if not all, decisions we make, have its source in emotions. Without emotions human would represent a different state of existence.

Emotions, especially love, compassion, is profoundly embedded in each and every man. In every man, in every age, in every man and in every woman, dwells desire to love and be loved, to express compassion toward another person, to be accepted, and to share our deepest emotional desires, as well as life, day after day.

Love manifests desire to make someone happy, yet, at the same time, this very person does fulfill his own desire to fulfill emotional space within fabric, which is present within every human being, emotional space reserved for love and fulfillment.

By the very act of fulfillment, human being becomes whole, spiritually, emotionally, physically. By the very act of emotional fulfillment, man is approaching the state of happiness, which makes man a better man.

Divine is the source of science of love, we shall not forget … .

Divine designed and created a man and a woman, in such a way, emotionally and physically, that both complement each other. Man as well as woman, in relationship becomes a whole, through emotional and physical blending.

Divine have created man equipped with emotions, the most powerful tool against evil. Evil can not be conquered and defeated by any means, but love, intelligence of compassion, intellect of positive fulfillment.

Man, alone, in most instances, is incomplete emotionally. Yet, the destiny of man, is the whole man, fulfilled with love and desire to be loved, without it, man has a profound problem to relate to God, who state, time after time, since the beginning of time, that the bridge to Him is via love toward another man. There is no other way, and the way is love, toward another man, man created by the Divine, the very source and inventor of compassion.

Entire World, Universe was created by the science of love and the desire to fulfill this desire. Jesus came to the world to fulfill destiny of man, destiny of eternal happiness, heaven.

Man recognizes different kinds of love, yet, Divine, man and love are irreversibly blended together. If we will subtract love from the equation, the entire blueprint of the creations would look odd, and unnatural.

If detachment from love and compassion, would result in a moral compromise, than the only prescription would be the moral fulfilment of love, compassion toward another man, as is required by the divine … .

I would not impose on anyone a requirement to get married, yet, I would impose a law which would allow to marry.

As a person of faith, Christian, I would impose law, the law, which would allow a religious man, in this instance a priest, who falls in love with a woman, to be granted with the privilege to get married, to start a family, to have children, and a normal life, at the same time, to fulfill his desire to serve the Divine, day after day, by the Altar, and in every obligation he shall to carry, to be true, facing Divine anticipation toward perfection.

Love, by the very nature, manifests perfection … .


Marek “Mark” J. Wagner

St. Ann’s Parishioner Zabrze Poland

Do: Ojciec Święty Papież Franciszek



Zniesienie Celibatu

Jako człowiek wiary i jako człowiek, który aktywnie praktykuje rytuały religijne od dziecka, jako człowiek, który jest manifestacja tradycji i współczesnej rzeczywistości, doszedłem do wniosku, że celibat, przynajmniej w niektórych przypadkach, jest w sprzeczności z ludzką naturą i z samym aktem stworzenia świata. Człowiek, przez akt stworzenia świata manifestuje jedność ducha i materii. Tak długo, jak żyjemy, świat materialny i dusza, Boska cząsteczka są nieodwracalnie połączone.

Moją intencją nie jest wtrącanie się do ustalonych norm, w tym jednak przypadku, celibat, stanowi temat który wymaga ponownego zbadania i analizy, głęboko w to wierzę.

Jedną z najważniejszych jakości człowieka, moim zdaniem, najważniejszą jakość stanowi sfera emocjonalna, która definiuje człowieka w każdym aspekcie życia, w tym duchowego, religijnego, percepcji, materialistycznego, egzystencjalnego, włącznie z naukowym. Wszystkie decyzje, jakie człowiek podejmuje, mają swoje źródło w emocjach. Bez sfery emocji człowiek stałby się inną manifestacją istnienia, zgoła nie ludzką.

Emocje, zwłaszcza miłość, jest głęboko zakotwiczone w każdym człowieku. W każdym człowieku, w każdym wieku, w każdym mężczyźnie i w każdej kobiecie istnieje pragnienie kochania i bycia kochanym, pragnienie bycia akceptowanym i pragnienie dzielenia się tym najgłębiej zakotwiczonym emocjonalnie pragnieniem wspólnego życia, dzień po dniu.

Miłość przejawia się pragnieniem aby uszczęśliwiać drugą osobę, jednocześnie, osoba ta dopełnia się poprzez pragnienie dawania miłości i poprzez spełnienie emocjonalne w przestrzennej tkaninie uczuć, które jest obecne, zakotwiczone w każdym człowieku, zarezerwowane dla miłości i dopełnienia.

Przez sam akt spełnienia miłości, człowiek staje się dopełniony i kompletny, duchowo, emocjonalnie, fizycznie. Przez sam akt emocjonalnego spełnienia, człowiek zbliża się do stanu szczęśliwości, która czyni człowieka lepszym i doskonalszym.

Bóg jest źródłem nauki miłości, nie wolno nam zapomnieć … .

Bóg zaprojektował i stworzył świat, mężczyznę i kobietę, w taki sposób, emocjonalnie i fizycznie, że tylko poprzez miłość dokonuje się dopełnienie. Człowiek, mężczyzna i kobieta, w związku, dopełniają się, stanowią całość, emocjonalną i fizyczną.

Bóg stworzył człowieka, w którym najmocniej zakotwiczył emocje, które są najpotężniejszym narzędziem i obroną przeciwko złu. Zła nie można pokonać inaczej, jak przez miłość, inteligencję współczucia, intelekt pozytywnego dopełnienia w miłości.

Człowiek, sam, bez dawania i otrzymywania miłości, niemal zawsze, staje się niekompletny. Jednocześnie, przeznaczeniem człowieka, jest dopełnienie, dopełnienie miłością i pragnieniem bycia kochanym, bez tego, człowiek ma ogromny problem relacji z Bogiem, który czyni znaki, od początku czasu, że mostem do Niego to miłość do drugiego człowieka. Nie ma innej ścieżki w labiryncie egzystencji, droga ta, to jest miłość do drugiego człowieka, człowieka stworzonego, uformowanego przez samego Boga, wynalazcy i źródła miłości.

Cały Świat, Wszechświat został stworzony poprzez manifestację nauki miłości, wraz z pragnieniem spełnienia tego pragnienia, i tak się stało. Jezus przyszedł na świat, aby dopełnić (zagrożone) przeznaczenie człowieka, przeznaczenie wiecznego szczęścia, nieba, poprzez miłość.

W ludzkich realiach istnieją różne rodzaje miłości, jednocześnie Bóg, człowiek i miłość są nieodwracalnie ze sobą połączeni. Jeśli odejmiemy z tego równania miłość, cały plan stworzenia przestanie mieć sens w ludzkim i Boskim wymiarze, byłby to świat dziwny, nienaturalny i niebezpieczny.

Jeśli odłączenie człowieka od miłości i dopełnienia, spowodowałoby kompromis moralny i duchowy, to jedyną receptą byłoby umożliwienie dopełnienia poprzez miłość, zakotwiczonej w każdym z nas, tak jak domaga się tego Stworzyciel … .

Byłbym przeciwny narzucaniu komukolwiek wymogu małżeństwa, jestem jednak za tym, ażeby ustanowić prawo akceptacji dopełnienia miłości, poprzez sakrament małżeństwa dla osób duchownych, czyli zniesienie celibatu.

Jako osoba wiary, jako Chrześcijanin, zachęcam do ustanowienia prawa, na mocy którego, osoby duchowne, w tym przypadku księża, mieliby prawo do sakramentu małżeństwa, założenia rodziny, prawa do dopełnienia i normalnego życia, jednocześnie mogąc wypełniać powołanie wobec Boga i ludzi, służenia Bogu, Kościołowi, w każdym dniu życia, w każdym obowiązku, rytuale, aby mogło być prawdziwe, przy Ołtarzu, na ścieżce ku doskonałości.

Miłość, z samej natury, jest manifestacją Boskiej doskonałości … .

Z Panem Bogiem,

Marek “Mark” J. Wagner

(01 października 2014)

Kościół Św Anny, Parafianin,

Zabrze, Polska.


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