Join me, please … . Say No. Man as slave, unaware tool of evil – unacceptable.

I support Information Technology, as long as won’t interfere with individual liberty, unless will never cross the boundaries leading to the colonization of human awareness. Yet, I know that technology, despite its fantastic qualities, is, de facto, enslaving each man, each family at the time, globally, and I reject and demand to stop, immediately, harmful implementation of technological advances against man, any man, anywhere in the world.
Marek “Mark” J. Wagner

This struggle is for true liberty, which was violated for centuries, yet, no generation was threatened so severely, than since invention of radio waves, which became a blessing, and the curse, yet, even more profoundly threatening the very future, fabric of our civilization.
Man as slave, unaware tool is evil, is  unacceptable.

Please join me, demand from scientists, authorities, religious leaders to disclose data, as well as introduce systems, which will prevent from enslaving your beloved child, man, women, friend, stranger, every person on Earth.

Temptation is great, to have any man, woman at the fingertips, their votes, opinions, thoughts. Temptation is great, yet, if you decide to be behind that keyboard, there is another one aiming at you, your loved ones, child, wife, parents.

Please, I ask, humbly, reject to pretend to be the one who violate Universal paradigm of human liberty, please reject temptation, and liberate yourself and humanity, liberate … .


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