Homelessness vs overproduction of goods vs social emotional status quo …

Homelessness can be solved within few days, in times of overproduction, available resources, money, yet, society got “used to clochards, bums”, as an accessory, even invented terminology, which describe precisely social attitude toward people, who are the product of the very same society. Homelessness is, by any means, solvable task, yet, society decided that the fraction of human family can, and is, de facto, pushed beyond boundaries of dignity.

There are people, who can not decide for themselves, due to the prolonged emotional devastation, and they need urgent and immediate attention, including children, sick, vulnerable, there are people, who became homeless, due to the very powerful industry, which can push anyone, beyond the margins of dignity, and this is the phenomenon I discovered during my interactions with homeless in USA and Poland.

People are the subject of purposely engineered process of exclusion, step by step implemented, and in this very process people of faith, including Catholics, Christians, even clergy, even authorities, take proactive course. There are only few of those individuals, yet, they represent powerful forces within society, which can and do engineer human life at any time, anyplace and an individual can only watch, how devastation is taking dramatic shape, tears, sense of unjustified guilt, depression, immobility of will to stand against forces, which can not be defeated or confronted, unless, society will invent the process of indictment, to prevent any abuse toward people, who are virtually profiled to become homeless.

Dear Friends, in Western society, homelessness is also engineered, and de facto, industry of exclusion provides the platform, which can change human life within few months, years, and this industry must be confronted, immediately, by Progressive Clergy, people of faith, society. I can provide details how industry of evil is preforming its evil deeds, toward unaware members of our society.

Let’s stand in the way of exclusion, yet, more importantly, industry of exclusion, which dwell within society.

I would go even further, industry of exclusion should be classified as crime against society, because is not only causing enormous social damages, suffering, ethical devastation, but, de facto, exclusion kills, is aimed to take away human life, and this process, by any standards, qualifies industry of exclusion as crime against humanity, where anyone, anywhere can become a subject of sophisticated mechanisms, against which man can not stand or defend herself, himself.

I have seen a woman, homeless woman, who was wearing USA flag as scarf on her head, as well as blanket, when I asked her about it, she said, that she loves her country. I have seen homeless man in Poland, who was wearing Polish flag and national Eagle, somehow proudly.

These are powerful messages, too powerful to ignore it, yet, homeless, nearly every one, is wearing religious symbols, religions, which failed on too many accounts, to prevent devastation, human devastation, which is sacred in every stage. Food and temporary shelter is not enough, they need emotional reprogramming, compassion, caring, opportunity, genuine compassion, economic tools, and we can be proud of them.

People are good and sensitive, yet, anyone can verbalize protest, rejection of industry of exclusion, begging people in front of house of prayers, begging for food, money, begging for means to purchase alcohol, and they need urgent, immediate attention, because they are unable to navigate their lives any longer.

Homeless people can return to society, and they shall, and I sincerely hope, that this problem will find its ending soon, in those days, because any day, everyday, is one of a kind, same as every man, and this parallel is powerful and filled with hope, that a new day, miracle will happen, and this miracle is our individual, as well as collective resolve. Let’s them wear national symbols, religious as well, yet, certainly national scarf or blanket is perceived by homeless woman or man as shelter, they virtually are asking for help, help from good people, help from authorities, religious formations, not temporary, but enduring compassion. After all, sin is not an individual property, but profoundly social anti-quality, same as virtues, same as empathy, same as love … .

We, each woman and man, we are the keys to other people happiness, fortune, that’s how Divine composed this world, profound beauty, indeed, beauty based on emotions, social awareness and responsibility … .

I would ask, humbly, powerful of this world, to create a task force, which will help children, most vulnerable, as well as adults. Homelessness is illness, social illness, and we have cure for this illness, your good heart, and intelligent mind, potent and sensitive resourceful, beautiful. Let’s restore profound message, that woman and man is beautiful, and homeless, are not them anymore, but us, and we want them back, so they will enjoy time on Earth, everyday, one of a kind sunrise, as one of a king child, woman,  and man … .

We are, virtually, children of light … .

Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.

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