The Trial of the Holy Communion … .


Noel Halle Holy Family

(Noel Halle: The Holy Family)

Social justice is, de facto, an interplay, or its absence, with regard to declarative vs practical applications of proclaimed truths.

Churches are filled up by sinners, those better and worse (Koscioly sa zapelnione od grzesznikow lepszych i gorszych).

Architectural structures, we call house of worship, without men, are just empty spaces. Houses of warships are filled with better or worse sinners, yet, it is far more righteous, and spiritual, than empty space.

The crisis of the family, morality is, de facto, the crisis of the Church. We can recognize true source of the crisis through diversification, with regard to social frame of awareness, frame of morality, and the  Church has the privilege and obligation to shape and maintain, because by the very structure, Church represent Spiritual  institution, along with institutionalized spiritual members, hierarchy as well as mechanisms, known and unknown, to lead men toward Salvation.

Church is responsible for the state of frame of awareness, its status quo. If man and the Church represent degrees of institutionalized entities, marriage as well, than sin is an institutionalized as well.

If man and the marriage represent an institution, than sin is institutionalized as well, with regard to social space and interactions, and shall not be penalized personally, especially when Christian community is causing proactively destruction of the family, by degrees of activity, either passive, yet, aware, or proactive, even violent  and aggressive,  through various pathological behaviors.

Formation of awareness, Christian in particular, is the responsibility of the Church, hierarchy, as well as its members.

The Holy Communion is not an act of institutionalized awareness, but, de facto, personal desire toward dialog with the Divine, participation in the Feast with the Savior. We all know,  about worthiness of man vs Divine demand and anticipation, yet, we know that Jesus worked through inclusiveness,  instead of exclusions. There is not one verse, which would exclude man from The Holy Communion.

The role of the Church, same as good mother does, doesn’t exclude its children, or is sitting some of her children by the table, while others in the foyer, during meals or during Holidays.

Moral crisis of Christian community, is, by the definition, the crisis of the Church, collective Church, due to the fact, that Church, more or less perfect, manifest, by its rituals, collective participation in religious life, such as the Baptism. Since the ritual of Baptism is performed, in my opinion, no one can or shall exclude anyone from religious practices, including  The Holy Communion, which is a not a collective, but personal participation to maintain unity with God, even if the status of better or worse sinners is maintained. The Holy Communion represent Divine Proclamation from God to its children, as well as desire, to be unified with God, not a social status, or subject of exclusion, with regard to permission toward inclusion or exclusion from the Divine dialog.

Jesus suffered, gave his blood, suffered immensely, Jesus was  Resurrected for sinners, de facto, to renew disrupted Divine dialog with its creation. Did Jesus excluded anyone under any circumstances during His active participation among Jews ? Quite the opposite, He invited everyone, repeatedly.

The Holly Communion represent inner, Divine seal, de facto, between  Divine and men, and as long as will be maintained, Church represent God’s Church. When The Holy Communion will be disrupted, the union between God, and the Church will be disrupted as well, and apparently Church will become just another human Institution.

The Holy Communion,  the very same blood, which was dripping from the Cross to purify those who desire. What does it say.

The Voice of the Church, listen, what does it say ? It says,  that people are often stuck between eloquent declarations, motivated by good intentions, good will, virtuous, yet, proposed by intellectual elites vs practical eloquence, often proclaimed without elegance of adequate, and universal frame of awareness within society. Social interactions are responsible for the existence of sin,  as well as individual human being, yet,  penalizing just an individual for collective attitude is quite disturbing, especially, when formation of awareness is failing, or even denied, by permission of suppression of truth, evidence, justice.

Jesus, who died on the Cross, invited, never excluded anyone, once man or woman, manifested his, her  desire to unify with Him. An aware act, desire to participate in Truth, was sufficient, toward proclamation of Unity. And this is the beauty of Christianity.

The Holy Communion can serve as a weapon against inner proclamation of Unity with the Divine, yet, The Holy Communion shall be a proclamation of open hearts, and doors, because Divine phenomenon didn’t occur for Saints, but imperfect beings, and God recognize this fact, at the same time, demanding improvement, without  any suggestion about exclusion, exclusion of those, who, despite circumstances, very much social, as well as personal, desire to maintain unity with Savior.

Natural law doesn’t exclude any layer of the society, from the obligation to multiply and genetic heritage,  and in my personal opinion, clergy as well. My personal experience indicate also,  that this part is severely violated by the permission and proactive attitudes from the Christian community toward my family and myself, my children, family. Severely I repeat, over decades.

Public dialog within Church about the role of marriage, personal responsibility is essential and very much anticipated, yet, too often perceived from the perspective of a sublime, virtuous, de facto, yet, elite awareness vs real life and mechanisms, which have tremendous impact on human state of being, all too often negative (pathology, frequencies, discrimination. plot, abuse, emotional tortures, death threats, disenfranchisement, social engineering, exposure to lies and abusive language, aggression, betrayal).

If Salvation can not be enforced on anyone, than decision about participation in The Holy Communion shall be perceived as personal decision through implementation of  spiritual desire, instead collective divisions, based on better and worse sinners, even worse, negative stigmatization, which push further toward alienation, suffering, even pathology, and possibly toward the source of pathology.

Legality of the Sacrament, in my personal opinion, is essentially anchored within God and human awareness, often hidden, either virtuous or insincere. Legality of the Sacrament is also defined by the state, frame of awareness of each man and woman, which varies,  as well as extended to clergy, where ritual of the marriage is being proclaimed, and require unspoiled purity and clear spiritual conscience, nearly equal to Sainthood.

So many diversification, which navigate toward differences within community, and those differences can not be bypassed by the uniformization, yet, by proper formation of awareness, but most importantly, proper realization, why Jesus came to the world, and his attitude toward moral imperfections.

Jesus stated on several occasions about men, as the product of times and the society, as well as social responsibility with regard to sin. Sin, by its very nature is not a personal property, but social, yet, in this instance, community is at fault as much as an individual, by an active attitude of permitting, promoting, initiating, maintaining, blackmailing, excluding, tormenting, arranging, denying work or education, denying communication with children, public abuse and criticism, fabrications.  All those negative attitudes, highly corrosive morally attitudes, are predominantly social, and even maintained by those, who openly (falsely) manifest “devotion” and unity with the Church. Mentioned above attitudes are complex to maintain, but possible only by collective efforts. I can provide numerous accounts with regard to pathology, which extend its reach toward promoting pathology, yet, at the same time proclaiming righteousness.

Society as a whole, including religious, is imperfect, yet, promoting degrees of inclusion and exclusion, with regard to imperfections, where  awareness, religious sense of responsibility only Divine is able to read true intentions, and see often hidden from the public accessories of pathology, where only Divine can recognize purity or sin, as well as evident role of the social mechanism, which mold human attitudes vs The Holy Communion, which was intended to unify Savior and the People, Church, de facto, is quite a task for the Hierarchy. Yet, let’s pray, that The Holy Spirit will guide Church Hierarchy in proper direction, in their efforts to unify and form proper shape of the Church, unity within.

If Jesus have not excluded man, than man shall not be excluded as well, from the feast of The Holy Communion, yet be educated, repeatedly, warned, eloquently, about spiritual responsibility, to be true as the believer … .

The crisis of the family is not caused strictly by external sources, but very much maintained by the members of the Church. And again we are touching collective substance of sin, which can not be detached from the society.

Any trial, were evidence is the subject of exclusion, rejection, suppression, manipulations, evidence based on true life events is, de facto, parallel to the Trial of Jesus, in every sense. In this instance, The Trial of The Holy Communion for man and women, who desire Unity with Jesus … .

Church is beautiful and pure, yet, Church is filled with people by the aware act of proclamation of unity with Divinity … .


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