Russia vs USA. Spirit has many names, most notably, Enthusiasm … .

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  • Mark J. Wagner How diversified and dynamic world is ? Fantastically diversified, indeed. I had an opportunity to observe how socialistic system is performing, and how capitalism works, day after day. Until 1989 I used to live in Poland, yet, later I used to live in USA, for more than twenty years.

    I was not really interested in politics, yet, I could recognize some important differences, cultural, as well as attitudes, which make important difference.

    Russia (formerly USSR) did amazing jump into the space program, de facto, Russia along with other satellite countries, achieved progress and successes, which truly amazed the world.

    Subsequently West, United States of America, signed up for space race and did amazing, fantastic progress. To this day NASA is delivering great stream of scientific news, worth attention and admiration.

    Russia had already great minds in space, before anyone envisioned space exploration, even without leaving the Earth, Tsiolkovsky for example. Next was Sputnik, Gagarin, Tierieszkowa, Mir Space Station. The list is long and impressive, yet, who knows or remembers, except few scientists, astronauts, aficionados.

    USA, NASA came along, scoring big, exceptional successes, such as orbiting the Earth, Apollo Program, famous landing on the Moon, which I have seen personally as a child. I was thrilled and still have goose bumps, thank you, Mr. B. Aldrin and God Bless.

    What a great race it was. Science accelerated and gave so much hope, as well as developed practical solutions and real vision to return to stars, the very same place we came from.

  • Mark J. Wagner While watching and reading Mr. B. Aldrin’s posts, I think, why Russians are so quite, and excessively humble about their successes. And this illustrate a profound difference, in terms of an attitude, which include enjoyment, spontaneity, which does last, is being maintained for personal as well as national, even scientific purposes, education as well, pride to share what is worth admiration, and this process illustrate the Spirit, which is influencing society and is stimulating countless minds.

    After all, Earth and nations are one family, after all, from Space perspective, there are no borders or differences, yet, Russians forgot what they have achieved, along with other nations.

    Mr. B. Aldrin, keep doing what you do, and show us everlasting enjoyment, which never fades away, as well as pride of being an American, great hero.

    Yet, Russians have heroes too, but no one hears about them, government can not launch social media information about former astronauts, their families, how they are doing, plans for the future.

  • Mark J. Wagner Thank you B. Aldrin for enthusiasm which lasts, enthusiasm, which motivates new generation to take new tough challenges, and that’s exactly the difference between two nations, ENTHUSIASM.
  • Mark J. Wagner To be fair, I will post information about Russian, and USA Space programs. Please refrain from politics, but admire human spirit, which happens to dwell in en environment, which procreate enthusiasm vs environment which is witholding achievements and successes, timeless successes, human, personal and national.

    And that’s what Russians and many other, can learn from America, the Spirit has many names, yet, most notably, ENTHUSIASM, and this is a great lesson from Mr. B. Aldrin and USA, who reminds us, day after day, importance of courage, creativity, as well as respect, we ought to manifest, toward those, who did so much, and delivered by so few (I guess, I rephrased great speech of Churchill).

    Thank you,
    Marek “Mark”J. Wagner


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