Space Travelers. Family. USA Poland Vatican and the Habeas Corpus vs 1763 days … .

Milky Way
  • Mark J. Wagner Our civilization, every man, woman and child on Earth is, de facto, Space traveler, well, Universal traveler.

    Earth is traveling around the Sun, as well as around its own axis. Milky Way is turning, traveling in Space, and Universe is in motion as well.

    What a spectacle rendered in 3D, every time we look into sky, we experience unique, one of a kind spectacle, yet, we are never in the same place, ever.

    Space Travelers, hmm.

  • Mark J. Wagner I wish I could say this to my children, Jacob, Vicky and Jonah, yet, US, Polish or even Vatican denied to intervene on our behalf.
    My kids as well as myself, we are denied to speak with each other for five years … .
    Mark J. Wagner's photo.

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