Vortex of Matter. The Paramount Law of Transformation. Biological Blueprint of the Universe … .

 The Paramount Law of Transf MJWagner
  • Mark J. Wagner Vortex of Matter (Black Hole) according to The Paramount Law of Transformation, Biological Blueprint of the Universe is transforming molecular progression into the projection similarly as human vision, where light is being transformed into the various projections, data.
    Universe is de facto fragmented into the systems of Vortex of Matter, which is transforming data locally and globally (including Universal recycling system) … .
    Universe is in motion, same as every galaxy as well as Vortex of Matter … .

    Universe is projected in 3D, than every theory require geometric translation, de facto, practical implementation of science, simplicity within complexity. If theory can not be translated into the 3D model, precise approximation sequence, than is highly probable that is incomplete or incorrect.

  • Mark J. Wagner

    Mark J. Wagner's photo.
    The world’s most famous physicist unveiled a novel idea that he says solves the mystery of the information paradox. Essentially, he explained, information can escape a black …

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