Lawyer’s Oath . Art. 5. ślubowanie adwokata … .

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    Lawyer’s Oath . Art. 5. ślubowanie adwokata:
    „Ślubuję uroczyście w swej pracy adwokata przyczyniać się ze wszystkich sił do ochrony praw i wolności obywatelskich oraz umacniania porządku prawnego Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej, obowiązki swe wypełniać gorliwie, sumiennie i zgodnie z przepisami prawa, zachować tajemnicę zawodową, a w postępowaniu swoim kierować się zasadami godności, uczciwości, słuszności i sprawiedliwości społecznej.”.

  • Mark J. Wagner Competency: professional vs ethical competency. What is more important, more dignifying or damaging to personal as well as social status quo.
  • Mark J. Wagner Human became a commodity in many parts of the world, human trade is alive and well, yet, no one is talking about it. Freedom, liberties, let’s face it, became in many situations, meaningless phrases, an abstract. Yet, in addition to that, people who wants to raise awareness about shrinking or even non existing liberties, are being a subject of marginalization, abuse, manipulations, pushed toward extremes, or even psychological experimentation, which defy religions, democratic systems, system of law, entire spectrum of humanistic science.

    This is a true face of modern affairs, which allow for war planning, decades before they occur, where people are being put in the position of “professional guilty” and destroyed within minutes from the offices, either justice dept., religious leaders, social groups.

    The true face of modern affairs is navigating toward total social control, via technology, psychology and various tools.

    This is a true state of modern affairs, which allow to imprisonment without charges, or even lynching.

    Modern society, situation require Habeas Corpus Tribunal as well as meaningful, high quality law assistance LAWYERS WARRIORS, otherwise society in high developed countries will slide into the another round of abuse, not to mention less sophisticated societies.

    WE NEED LAWYERS WARRIORS FOR JUSTICE AND JUST SOCIETY, which will provide the best legal services for abused and disadvantaged people. Perhaps wealthy elites will provide funds for this project, perhaps Royal families, perhaps governments will assign funds.

    WE NEED LAWYERS WARRIORS ASAP who will defend often innocent, defenceless from devastation in daylight.


    Thank you,
    Marek “Mark” J. Wagner


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