Wagners Struggle for Justice … .

Mark J. Wagner's photo.
  • Mark J. Wagner Every man, properly formed, cares about moral standards, social perception, or at least objective perception. Every man, properly formed when it comes to self awareness want to be associated with positive perception, or at least fair and unbiased, I’m no different from the main stream, yet, my father as well as myself, we both are facing (even after his death 17 years ago) entire industry, resourceful and motivated, which is trying to create false image of us, Wagners.
    This is unfair, indeed … .
  • Mark J. Wagner I can not be more honest, and apparently I have a right to defend myself and the dignity of my family from misrepresentations, fabrications, misleading manipulations.
  • Mark J. Wagner I want to be free, free of prejudice, free of manipulations, free of fabrications, free of abuse, free of threats, free to live a normal life, free of pathology of exclusion, free, I want to be, and I demand for my family and myself, fairness … .

    Mark J. Wagner's photo.

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