Who is Managing Poland. Culture of Violence … .

Mapa Polska

Culture of violence is deep-rooted in Polish reality. Someone would ask: culture of violence, isn’t some kind of exaggeration ?
Frankly, culture of violence represent not only precise description of reality, yet, it’s taking many forms, de facto, sophisticated tools of elimination, new innovations, with regard to social, spiritual, even physical elimination of people.

De facto, culture of violence is not a characteristic, national characteristic, but, de facto, illustrate long-standing abuse of nationals, people, Poles, often equipped with exceptional talents, outstanding moral standards, patriotic.

Culture of Violence in Poland illustrate degradation of Slavic nation, maintained throughout history, yet, most profoundly since 1772, when Poland, proud and sophisticated nation, became a victim of unprecedented act of enslavement and betrayal.

How tragic it is to see enslaved nation, good nation by cruel and heartless sequence of abuse, trend, which is not slowing down, de facto, but is still maintained toward Polish people.

In addition, Poland became the country, where people are being sent to Poland to face an acts of abuse, even death. Why ? Because its permissible in Poland, by those who can manage justice or injustice in any direction they desire.

Who is managing this ? The question I would like to forward to the international community, asking for help in any way you could provide assistance, mostly intellectual, as well as rejection to cooperate with those, who openly or not, abuse Polish nation. Please say NO to tormentors of Poles, reject cooperation, please … .

Poles want to be liberated from lawlessness, abuse of power, Poles want to be liberated from discrimination, Poles want to be liberated from ethnic extermination … .

Few examples:


Witold Pilecki. One of the greatest heroes of WWII. After the war and his return to Poland he was brutally murdered. Why ? His life story precisely reflect the culture of violence in Poland. Exceptional man, brilliant, talented, brave. Please read and explore his biography and you will be shocked, same as I am: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Witold_Pilecki


Jacek Karpiński (9 April 1927 – 21 February 2010) was a Polish pioneer in computer engineering and computer science.

J. Karpinski developed innovation which could potentially lift Poland and generate enormous benefits, pride,  instead, after he returned to Poland, he was abused, disrespected, marginalized, forced to leave the country. What an enormous potential he represented, potential lost and buried among countless exceptional Poles, who never got a chance to perform. This is a culture of violence in Poland. Tragic, shocking.

During WW2 he was a soldier of Polish Home Army, awarded multiple times with a Cross of Valour. Among the others he took a part in Operation Kutschera (intelligence) and Warsaw Uprising when he was heavily wounded. Later he became a developer of one of the first machine learningalgorithms, techniques for character and image recognition. After receiving a UNESCO award in 1960, he studied for 2 years at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. In 1971 he designed one of the first minicomputers, the K-202. Because of the policy on computer development in the People’s Republic of Poland, belonging to the Comecon that time, K-202 was never mass-produced. Karpiński later became a pig farmer, and in 1981, after receiving a passport, emigrated to Switzerland.
Sylwester Kaliski, Professor and General, allegedly killed in an accident, while working on laser technology, technology of enormous potential. as well as  benefits for Poles and the world. His work was missing from his office. Killed in Poland. Culture of violence, potential lost.


Jerzy Popieluszko. Polish priest associated with Solidarity. Brave, talented, spectacular speaker. Brutally murdered in Poland. Culture of violence. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jerzy_Popie%C5%82uszko


Roman Dmowski, talented, brave, exceptional man, patriot, killed, poisoned in Polish prison. Culture of violence toward Polish patriots: https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_Dmowski

Culture of Violence in Poland:

  • 9/11/2001 attack on America, (allegedly) Polish spec. operations participated in terror attacks). Numerous publications as well as suggestions had been made.
  • Iraq War. Subsequent war after 9/11/ 2001. Enormous suffering and loss of life, damages. Blood Money.
  • Afghanistan War. Subsequent war after 9/11/2001. Enormous suffering and loss of life, damages.
  • Ukraine. alleged  involvement more or less transparent.
  • Climatic War. Proactive and persistent blocking of revelation about nature as weapon of mass destruction. Possible participation.
  • Unlawful imprisonment, abuse, human rights violations in Poland.
  • Ethnic evictions are being maintained for hundreds of years. Polish people are the subject of ethnic extermination, implemented with precision and sufficiency.
  • Transfer of Power (allegedly) instead of democratic election.
  • Departmental Children vs New Departmental Children. People who have the real power, power which is being maintained for personal benefit.
  • Birthrate, severely declining. Politics of ethic marginalization and degradation.
  • Psychology became a weapon, tool of a perfect crime.
  • Profiling. Poles are being profiled since childhood, and eliminated from social life, education. There are some accounts of elimination, physical through accidents.
  • Dehumanization through implementation of culture of violence: massacre (word introduced and used in everyday life as an expression through “social programming”).
  • Excessive taxation of Poles, Polish firms vs billions of worth incentives for international operations. Good trade vs unfair trade.
  • Poland lost in 25 years about 7 million citizens.
  • Erasing national entities through economy, example Polish Post Office and numerous other initiatives.
  • WWII as a weapon toward discrimination and abuse through profiling, blackmail, fabrications, slander, lynch.
  • Persistent ravaging of national unity. Sophisticated and venomous practices aiming to manage through disarray (corruption of families: mother vs children, destruction of families, social profiling, bribery).
  • Missing and unaccounted citizens: 15 -20 thousand a year. Suicide increase.
  • Homelessness (increase).
  • Orphans: 4.3% of Polish children.
  • Broken families: parents are working abroad.
  • Chip Labor and ethnic trade Poles throughout the centuries.
  • Progressive negative labeling of Poland vs WWII atrocities.
  • Predatory politics, stealing of Polish national resources, products, intellectual achievements.
  • Employment abuse: so-called junk agreements.
  • Predatory lending.
  • Frequencies, invigilation, “social programming”.
  • Polish patriots were and are often beaten, maltreated, denationalized, killed.
  • Progressive detachment of Slask from the country.
  • Ethnic Cleansing of Poles since 1772 (wars, systemic abuse). Mass murders, mass expulsions, disenfranchisement.
  • Systemic extermination of elites in Poland: political (patriotic), science and education, nobility, social activists.
  • Separation of Poland from the rest of the world.
  • Trade and sale of citizens (allegedly).
  • Trade and sale of national highest posts (allegedly auctioning of privileges, trade worth of billions).
  • Surveillance and abuse by agents of Poles abroad.
  • Undeclared war against Trinity.
  • Progressive, total colonization of Poland, systemic disinheritance of Poles.

From my personal perspective, after returning to Poland, I myself became a target of previously mentioned tactics and tools, yet, I call, and I always will, for unity and progress, for true democracy, nation of justice and equal rights for all, who live in Poland, same as my father. who was insidiously killed.

I have been told, repeatedly, that by speaking about sensitive issues, even my own family is reluctant (perhaps afraid) to accept me and I am being rejected. Yet, exposing the truth is the only feasible tactic in order to achieve progress and justice in Poland. System of abuse is simple, is based on unaccountability and moral degradation, decay.

I always wonder, how it is possible … .  

I humbly ask Polish nation, citizens and the people, clergy, scientists, politicians, leaders, unify, bring progress, based on moral foundation, declarative and practical. It’s possible to do it, just by treating each other with dignity, empathy, fairness. Success based on virtues does taste like anything in the world, yet, success based on corruption does taste like forbidden fruit, deformed potential.

Poland, Free of Predators, if you are one of them, please change, and learn from the Prodigal Son. 

Not long ago Primate Emeritus has said: “here are sins, which can only be erased by God not by a man”. Yet, God created man in His own image, even put Man above Angels. People can change, and I ask those, who did hurt nation, betrayed hopes, mismanaged potential, please return to the roots of the creation, to the roots of evergreen potential, moral dignity, spiritual, physical existence. There is no obstacle man can not overcome, by the aware will of inner transformation.

           FREE POLAND, I DEMAND … . 


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