Short History of Espionage and Lost Billions … .

Espionage surely will play a role in modern world, yet, espionage, stealing intellectual property, engineering, innovations in Poland became not only shameless, but often unnoticed and almost never challenged even by Poles, government, innovators. Stealing in Poland became a bread and butter for those who know how to turn ideas in hard cash, after all who would care in Poland about money, if Poles are being saturated with messages about dignity of poor man. Stealing in Poland reached a level of industrialized competition and even “black market” regulation among those who have an access to innovation as well as documentation.

This has to change, immediately. Poland is no longer a country, which supply innovation market. Polish Government should step up with a “special police task force”, specializing in detecting any signs of foul play, resourceful and rewarded accordingly for protecting national treasures,  as well as well as legislation and meaningful funding  to protect often brilliant people with insufficient funding from stealing.

Few examples:
Computers (trillions lost):

Jacek Karpiński (9 April 1927 – 21 February 2010) was a Polish pioneer in computer engineering and computer science.

During WW2 he was a soldier of Batalion Zośka of Polish Home Army, awarded multiple times with a Cross of Valour. Among the others he took a part in Operation Kutschera (intelligence) and Warsaw Uprising when he was heavily wounded. Later he became a developer of one of the first machine learning algorithms, techniques for character and image recognition. After receiving a UNESCO award in 1960, he studied for 2 years at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. In 1971 he designed one of the first minicomputers, the K-202. Because of the policy on computer development in the People’s Republic of Poland, belonging to the Comecon that time, K-202 was never mass-produced. Karpiński later became a pig farmer, and in 1981, after receiving a passport, emigrated to Switzerland.

Lasers (trillions lost) in commercial as well as other applications.

Oil Industry (trillions lost):
Jan Józef Ignacy Łukasiewicz (Polish pronunciation: [wukaˈɕɛvʲitʂ]; 1822–82) was a Polish[1][2] pharmacist and petroleum industrypioneer who in 1856 built the world’s first oil refinery,  Łukasiewicz was the first person to distill the liquid.

Math Science “Enigma”:

Car manufacturing:
Van, design ahead of its time:

Warszawa 1975 (other promising prototypes: Syrenka, Polonez).

FSOP Ogar 1975

There are more designs, yet, I would suggest to explore  this topic with people who are specializing in the subject.

Poland, and I suppose other countries, are also experiencing similar problems, yet, I suggest to address issues about industrial and scientific espionage, because in the age of overproduction, innovation is the desired commodity, especially when its free.

One of the reasons I’m writing about is that I don’t want to be another one whose work can be taken away, chipping away, bit by bit, because Polish Government doesn’t provide protection, funding, publishing opportunities.

In 1980 I used transparent wrapping graphic on my car, right now a multi billion Dollar industry. Two decades ago I used magnets to advertise my business. People were asking me where I got this idea. When I bought my first printer for digital printing I got question from professionals at Botanic Garden Photo as well as in Winnetka at the Calumet store, why my prints do not show slight colors, and are, de facto, perfectly black and white: their prints were made by mixing different colors to achieve black and white. I turned off all colors, printed images with black ink. A year later almost all manufacturers, introduced black, grey inks. De facto I was using the same technique few years earlier and my prints were high quality, fine art.


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