Bible as the Tool of Progress. The Choice … .

The Sanhedrin (Hebrew: סַנְהֶדְרִין sanhedrîn, Greek: Συνέδριον,[1]synedrion, “sitting together,” hence…
  • Mark J. Wagner Recently I was told that Sanhedrin was reestablished in The Holy Land. Its is important, and very much essential, with regard to the Biblical, as well as social perspective.

    After 2000 thousand years, Sanhedrin can establish a new sequence, as well as a new perception.

    There are many mutual, even blended between an Old as well as New Testament messages, yet, there are some, which require attention as well as correction.

    I believe New Sanhedrin can be a new, refreshing breeze of faith as well as relations.

    Christian world, including Popes, declined to proclaim innocence of Jesus. I personally asked clergy for decades, to establish innocence of Jesus of Nazareth, yet, no response has been produced.

    Bible, including Christianity, became a tool of progress, as well as a tool of persecution, injustice in the hands of people, who are politicizing religion. In this instance, the second attitude is inapropriate. I am aware about hidden antisemitism, making dents through skillful manipulations, by using, de facto, Bible as a tool of terror, instead of progress. I am experiencing negative attitudes, every time I speak about Jewish people with friendliness, and empathy. And it is happening on all sides.

    Today I ask Sanhedrin, please proclaim innocence of Jesus, Who deserve this symbolic act, act of material world, which recognizes a difference between good and evil. I sincerely hope, that this day will come, the day when He will be proclaimed Innocent, which heart and mind is aware of anyway.

    Bible shall be a tool of progress and essential “textbook” to progress toward projection of virtues, positive attitudes.

  • Mark J. Wagner Another important aspect is that Jesus could have been killed in countless circumstances, away from the public attention, yet, the Trial has been chosen to criminalize innocence, and apparently this trend is still maintained. No matter what modern Sanhedrin will choose, I will maintain humble request toward Christian hierarchy, as well as Jewish, to proclaim Innocence of Jesus of Nazareth … .

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