The Legacy of Illegal Family Detention. The Legacy of Violence … .

Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.
  • Mark J. Wagner The Legacy of Illegal Family Detention: who will claim responsibility, I ask, perhaps personal as well as institutional courage will allow to recognize the cause of violence toward me and my family, children in particular.
  • Mark J. Wagner My statements are proven by years of abuse and human right violations, yet, if someone feels differently, please share your thoughts.
    As much as I cherish USA and Poland, EU, The Legacy of Family Detention, The Legacy of Violence toward my father, my person, my children can not be rationalized.
    The entire affair teaches me as well as entire human society, that there is a power above political systems, social orders, religions, which can inflict violent acts, at any time toward anybody, that there is a power, which is able to fabricate reality, and at the same time, deny a right to self defense. This power invented a perfect crime, crime which kills human being by its own hands. Evil, yet, no one denied this invention to be maintained.
    This power can take away everything from anybody at any time, family, children, possessions, this power can deny you employment, possibilities, opportunity in its entirety and totality.
  • Mark J. Wagner 1741 Days Denied Communication with my Children. This is a Legacy of Family Detention, just one of the examples along with attempts to kill and harm.
    Yesterday I was talking with my friend, and I asked a simple question: why there are people, who want to violate human dignity so desperately for years, day after day, and why they are being allowed to maintained aggression for so long. Who are they, and why they do this, it’s a mystery to me, yet, mystery is unfolding its true intention, one day at the time.

    Homelessness, abuse, physical and psychological tortures. No one deserves to be the subject of such inhumane scheme. The facto I am a living proof and a crown witness in my own case. Year after year, I was denied to be heard and to present important facts, statements. I am denied to defend myself.
    It is scary to realize that there are people who pursue to violate my dignity threatening at the same time my life, well being of my children.

  • Mark J. Wagner Without work: 551 days.
  • Mark J. Wagner One of the manifestations in terms manipulations which is maintained are religious references. For example 241 or 142 are respectively home addresses where abuse is being maintained for decades. Cursing, verbal as well as physical violence, discrimination and even acts of devastation (mail box, doors), threats. This is a scheme in other words profiling based on religious motivation. I can provide countless examples of disturbances before and during Christian holidays not to mention fabrications.
  • Mark J. Wagner Criminalization of faith:

    Mark J. Wagner's photo.
  • Mark J. Wagner…/new-system…/

    Mark J. Wagner In Poland was invented a system by…

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