The Paramount Law of Transformation Building Blocks vs Hierarchi Molecules in Mulitple Locations

The Paramount Law of Transformation

Building Blocks vs Hierarchy

Molecules in Multiple Locations

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The Paramount Law of Transformation

Building Blocks vs Universal Hierarchy of the Design

Molecules in Multiple Locations

Universe  hasn’t been build by building blocks, but, profoundly potent Intelligent Design, Universal Laws, de facto, according to the The Paramount Law of Transformation, Biological Blueprint of the Universe, which indicate that Intelligent Design would incorporate variety of materials as well, including unknown to man, in order to built Universal sequence of hierarchy, with regard to the progression toward higher order, projection of existence, aware and unaware, as well as progression toward aware energy. To date, we recognize few dozens building blocks, which actively participate in The Paramount Law of Transformation grand program.

Universe, as we know it, is, de facto, The Paramount Law of Transformation, defined by set of simple laws, intelligent data, which propel progression of sequence, which include, among others,

the law of compatible opposites.

The Paramount Law of Transformation program, simplified blueprint of Intelligent Design Hierarchy :

* design of laws, data, embedded within intelligent universal sequence

* design of building blocks, which would participate in the program (from subatomic level)

* design of space, where sequence would perform

* design mirroring self replication projection data at the advanced sequential projection (biological)

* projection of progression of aware energy sequence.

Building blocks reflect virtual and physical potential, yet, Intelligent Design is, de facto, hidden from the obvious, external layer of awareness, which through principles of the design, intellectual potency, knowledge, creativity, designed blocks for entertainment, education or other projects. The very same sequence took place before, during and after Universal initiation. Attached pictures illustrate this process eloquently.

Universe, as we know it, perform according to the Intelligent Design Hierarchy, principles, de facto, laws, building blocks, space, mirroring, projection of higher order. Interestingly enough, ancient archaic language, does mention about it, as well as modern science, which says, that we are the projection of Intelligent Design, which is progressing still, expanding horizons by incorporating intelligence and potency of possibilities, yet, the Universe can be replicated by the sequential pattern, past and the future (I’ve mentioned in the past, as well as previous chapters, that present manifest appealing, elegant accessory of time, yet, sequence is performing according to the principle of perpetual transitions, which varies in sequential intensity).

Building blocks:

* We can either design data of building blocks and influence the outcome, by the process of replication: we learn, de facto, how to design, based on proven scheme of logical possibilities.

* Building blocks may allow to incorporate unlimited potential of the mind, as well as necessary materials to perform, as mentioned previously (the future of the building blocks).

* We are somewhere in between first and the second stage, profoundly important transitional stage,

due to the fact, that human shall feel obligated to perform in advanced progression, higher order of progression, according to the moral laws, same as Universe does, which is holding civilization on powerful shoulders, even when the society manifest ethical tantrums, all too often.

Civilization is progressing, and demand for more intensity, in terms of implementation of ethical standards, which is being verbalized daily, promising development.

During technological revolution, building blocks, are designed by man and computers, which learn, at the same time, advanced universal principles of the design.

Images reflect compatible examples, leaf, fragrant oil, blocks for children, Iron Man, makeup set. Provided examples illustrate Intelligent Design, which is implemented according to the principles mentioned previously.

What we can learn. Everything happens according to the intellectual, empirical process, not by a chance, de facto, but through intelligent, advanced process. Behind each illustration is implemented unique design: building blocks, which allow children, as well as adults to entertain, expand imagination, and an ability to perform as an inventor. Makeup set formulated from a variety of materials, blends, combinations, fragrant oil, to enrich senses, extracted and prepared, mixed with other ingredients to achieve one of a kind scent for the purpose of aware, sensual decoration.

Molecules are designed to perform, socialize, transform, evolve toward higher order, miraculous sophistication according to The Paramount Law of Transformation, Intelligent Design of the Universe.

The phenomenon of bilocation, physically projecting in multiple locations, at the same time, is not only possible, but reflect sequential property of Universal projection, which by the very nature is multilayered.

Classic example of multiple physical manifestations, are humans, who are „formulated” according to the same biological blueprint, molecular, particles and energies, yet, differ, same as molecules (every molecule is different, one of a kind).

When we look at another person or people, we realize that we see and experience (simplified example), de facto, the phenomenon of physical presence in multiple locations, performing within unique frame of sequence, yet, its own layer of sequential eloquence.

When I look at another person, or people, I see the phenomenon of bilocation quite common, (physical, molecular), yet, with its own spectrum of awareness, which is compatible with others. In the future, human will be able to experience the very same reality through another person or people perception, yet, today we can simulate the process by intellectual, and even emotional implementation.

The Paramount Law of Transformation, Biological Blueprint of the Universe provide answers, direct references or fantastic shortcuts into the Universal Design.

Look into self for miraculous science, Universal Design, Projections … .

Once my article is published, than it can be present in multiple locations at the same time, and even projected within the mind.

Universe project unique vision, and it seems, Universe is performing via projections through progressions.

3 (8)a

Reflections & Mirroring.

Universe is performing, Man as well … .


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