Card. Wyszynski, M. Wagner vs Habeas Corpus … .

Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.
  • Mark J. Wagner Some patterns of behavior don’t change. Cardinal S. Wyszynski was imprisoned in 1950’s. Today, 60 years later, the very same pathological behavior is implemented toward me, my children.
    What is than the mechanism, which operates beyond everything, so
    cial, political orders, which attacks innocent people, which is causing devastation of social awareness .
    How is that possible that in the middle of so called civilized world, no law of social rules are implemented of implemented selectively.
  • Mark J. Wagner…/new-system…/

    Mark J. Wagner In Poland was invented a system by…
  • Mark J. Wagner In Poland was invented a system by which my father and I are treated as “professional guilty” through implementation of lies, speculations, fabrications, slander, by antagonizing family, public and media abuse. Decades go by, as well as systems, yet, tortures, fabrications, looting and marginalization continues.
    Mental torture, surveillance, psychological experimentation, social marginalization and even lynching.

    Invented system allows for exclusion of people, in this instance my father and myself. and even emotional torturing people and families and execution.

    Perhaps new President will change the pattern of abuse and human rights violations.

    Poland along with other “partners” maintain blockade in media, employment, publishing, communications with the family, children in particular. This a total war to undermine the very fabric of fairness and humility, dignity of man, at the expense of the entire nation, unfairly.

    Blockade is severe, include agents at the unemployment office, at the local organizations even church. In addition electronic correspondence is severely limited. For 17 moths I am without employment, invigilated by thugs daily. No job, no money, separated from family, children. I am being told on many occasions, family doesn’t want you and denied you, children forgot about you. These are systemic mechanisms, which were also implemented toward my father.

    These pattern is very much systemic until objective will be achieved, destruction emotionally and physically of innocent and defenceless man, someone decided to exterminate, day after day through implementation of sophisticated techniques, yet, profoundly violating norms, including Christian.

    W Polsce wynaleziono system poprzez ktory moj ojciec oraz ja jestesmy traktowani jak “zawodowi winni” w wyniku klamstw, spekulacji, fabrykacji, pomowien, oczerniania, antagonizowania rodziny, publiczne i medialne naduzycia. Mijaja dekady, zmieniaje sie systemy, a proceder torturowania, fabrykacji, grabiezy i marginalizacji trwa.

    Tortury psychiczne, inwigilacje, elsperymenty psychologiczne, marginalizacja spoleczna a nawet samosad.

    W ten sposob wymyslono i wprowadzono w zycie system wykluczenia czlowieka, a nawet calych rodzin, samosadu.
    Kto jest za to odpowiedzialny … .

    Byc moze nowy prezydent zmieni praktyki z piekla rodem, praktyki lamania praw czlowieka, ludzkiej godnosci.

    Blokada jest wprowadzona w zycie, w urzędzie dla bezrobotnych, w lokalnych organizacjach nawet kościelnych. Korespondencja, w tym elektroniczna jest poważnie ograniczona. Przez 17 miesiecy jestem bez pracy, inwigilowany niemal kazdego dnia. Bez pracy, bez srodkow, odizolowany od rodziny, dzieci.

    Czesto mi sie powtarza, rodzina nie chce cię, zaparla sie ciebie, dzieci zapomniały juz o tobie. Są to mechanizmy systemowe, aż cel zostanie osiągnięty, wyniszczenie emocjonalne i fizyczne niewinnego i bezbronnego człowieka, ktoś postanowił, wyeleminowac, dzień po dniu, poprzez wdrożenie zaawansowanych technik, głęboko naruszajacych normy, w tym chrześcijanskie.

  • Mark J. Wagner…/compose-sing…/

    Music for Peace. Please dedicate during every public appearance, concerts, music composition to Peace, Universal Peace, beyond borders.

    Artists, from classical to pop music, folk, religious, country music, please dedicate, and perform during appearances composition, which would promote peace among nations, races, religions.

    My personal appeal is directed to global society, Polish composers, artists, performers, as well as to every Slavic country. Please promote Peace, please verbalize, vividly your desire to live in peace. Let your heart sing and perform through instruments and sounds, please let people hear your inner voice, peaceful voice, every time you take stage.

    W’ve got to reclaim of who we are, we’ve got to verbalize through music our genuine voice, as the global community, universal society dedicated to world peace. Please sing, play, compose for peace.
    Thank you,
    Marek “Mark” J. Wagner

    ENERGY OF PEACE from Pink Republic  You are invited…
  • Mark J. Wagner Since January of 2014 I am without a job, invigilated daily, abused emotionally. This is a school of hate, school of hate toward people, family, children, Poland, USA, human race. Who is behind scenario of School of Hate in Europe, Poland. School of hate which degrade personal as well as national dignity, including personal safety.
    For 15 years I am denied basic human rights, denied communication with family, children, employment, publishing, education, denied freedom.
    For 25 years I experienced deceitful abuse. I’ve been working extensively in USA, even 90 hours a week.
    For 55 years I was destined to go to USA, plan which was implemented between political systems, different realities, plan implemented with precision and cruelty impossible to imagine.
    Who is behind the school of hate … .
  • Mark J. Wagner The scheme is extensive and runs decades in the past (1960’s – to present day). While visiting my family in Krakow, tenant next door, rented garage, apparently he brought from USA Ford Mustang (1970’s), rare and exotic car at that time in Poland. The very same model was brought in USA on Irving Park Ave, in 2010 when my Ford Taurus broke down, at that time I was blocked, completely, to find employment, or obtain the contracts on my services: photography, graphic design, my family was already in peril. In 1970’s and in later years in Poland, I’ve encountered number of people associated with USA, who were very much interested in my person. These are just clues, yet, since OCT 2010, those clues produce meaningful and important scheme developments. There was and is still maintained abuse, threats, psychological experimentation, emotional tortures and physical as well, including attempts to kill ( near Krakow, Near Gliwice, Zabrze).

    In attached image is exactly (or very much similar) model of the car, Ford Mustang I’ve seen as a child in Krakow, while spending few weeks during summer break (it was before 1975) and in USA decades later.

    Mark J. Wagner's photo.
  • Mark J. Wagner I am demanding answers from Polish as well as US authorities about scheme which involve unprecedented persistence in terms of implementation and fabrications.
  • Mark J. Wagner My g ood friend has told me that frame of planning takes decades to implement, quote: “we are planning decades in advance”.

    Mark J. Wagner's photo.

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