Wars. Right to Know … .

  Care for Man Rule 23

Dear Friends,
In the passed every war was associated with someone, more or less accurately, yet, you’ve got to recognize important indication how power in the world is distributed, and more importantly, implemented. Hitler became synonimus with WWII, Stalin, Duce . Yet, since WWI, WWII humanity experienced numerous wars, dozens, bloody and tragic.

What than is causing wars ? Can we say that individual can control entire system ? Certainly not. The system has an unlimited power over individual. Wars are caused by the systemic mechanisms, way beyond of influence of an individual, which is being often used as a “poster scheme” (right now happening North Korea).

Poster Scheme is directing social perception toward one person, or few persons, while true perpetrators are hidden and almost never detected or charged with crimes.
This is a evil brilliancy of the Poster Scheme, which by the definition distracts nations, misleads historians, from a true path of the crime. Otherwise wars would stop long time ago,
Yet, behind enormous war efforts are thousands of people dedicated and motivated beyond any reason to initiate bloody conflict. Otherwise wars would not happen.
Yet, behind wars are people with incredible skills and expertise, implemented toward bloody conflict. Otherwise wars would not occur.

Yet, public perception is deceived by Poster Scheme, usually one of few people, yet, a true mechanism is never detected. Otherwise Earth would enjoy peace for a very long time.

Its is time to tell the people, violence, abuse is a matter of choice, yet, choice implemented by thousands of exceptionally talented and clever people. Otherwise war would be absent in human vocabulary.

Seek justice, yet, seek the systemic kinetics of war, propelling human society toward carnage. Please remember, system has unlimited power over man, that’s why wars are still present in human vocabulary, used daily in multiple variations and combinations, behind which human suffering dwell, powerless, and this is a true image of war, hidden beyond evil Poster Scheme. You’ve got to reach for truth.

Right to Know … .


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