The Paramount Law of Transformation. Divine In Vivo Synthesis … /

Book Cover The Law of Everything A

Why In Vivo. In Vivo precisely describe our home, Universe, which is, de facto, in all forms and manifestations, a potent, vibrantly living organism, aware and unaware, not limited to the molecular, yet, equally applicable higher order of biological projection, which emerged from a very molecular In Vivo progressions.

Yet, In Vivo carries another essential quality, Universal Synthesis, which by the definition, manifest data, program, an ability to transform by blending different molecular and energetic fragmentations, into variety of new projections. Synthesis is unique, yet, data, which allow synthesis to occur, represent comforting mystery of The Paramount Law of Transformation.

On Universal scale, temperature and light is the catalyst, which allows synthesis to occur. In Vivo synthesis is common within the Universe, yet, synthesis occurs, due to the embedded data, molecular formulation, where light, along with temperature is synthesizing world, within in vivo projections.

The science of Divine In Vivo Synthesis is profoundly mirrored in biological progression, according to The Paramount Law of Transformation, Biological Blueprint of the Universe, where process of unification, within compatible opposites is occurring, biological synthesis, catalyst during initiation process is also observable. Yet, all of that can happen due to the predesigned data within molecules, energies on every level of existence, where subsequently Universal Potency is equivalent with molecular world, energies, biological, biological aware, as well as, and perhaps the most, the potency of aware energy. From the Universal initiation sequence, up to the biological awareness, Universe is steadily increasing its creative potency, same as subsequent human generations.

Universe is evolving through Miraculous In Vivo Synthesis through embedded data of potency, which also increases, de facto, steadily.

Described phenomenons are not only observable, but proven through experimentation, scientific, up to the point, where you and I, are able to write, read, discuss above articles.

In Vivo Synthesis project its qualities as Universal data, de facto, The Paramount Law of Transformation, fragmented into the essence of compatible opposites. I would like to mention that all physical properties, in terms of molecular, energetic existence. manifest similar, if not identical psychological, social, emotional properties, within our own Divine Progression.

Universe is, de facto, one world, interconnected, undivided in terms of occurring phenomenons. What you see, and experience in distant galaxies, as well as sequential frame, is happening within our own vicinity, including inner, emotional, physiological, physical, internal, as well as external, social, biological.

Universe project unified sequence toward higher order, well designed, managed, maintained world, world, which is sharing exact the same properties, phenomenons.

Universe is a miraculous, living organism, driven by Intelligent Design, design, which human being is experiencing in every manifestation of existence, the facto, Biological Blueprint of the Universe, Secret Code of Existence, wrapped in the gift box, The Paramount of Transformation, with written code: enjoy life, divine gift, one of a kind … .


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