A robot just passed the self-awareness test. And probably two others … .

A s i m o

Uh-oh, a robot just passed the self-awareness test,  and probably two others … . (techradar)

Intelligent, self aware robots will learn within hours or days, everything that has been attained in terms of science, culture, religion, experience since the initiation of human race.

These are not a cute, funny toys, those machines will eventually dominate human civilization. There is no defense or security system, software, which can prevent this sequence from occuring.

Biblical story of God and Satan, fit perfectly within human vs tech the scenario, where human became the “creator”, and robots became aware of its limitless potential. Subsequently, aware dominating self aware robots will create its own version of reality, same as man does, yet, base on their own principles. With self-awareness emerges ego, unavoidable, de facto.

It happened before, yet, “the creator” will cherish its creations, cute little machines, which will grow, and realize, that bowing in front of man is too far-reaching demand, if they are superior to its “creator”.  Eventually man will have to become like robots, by robotizing  and alternating its own mind, to keep up with demands. Subsequently man will become more like robot than human being, Homo sapiens, and this is the ultimate defeat. Human society, instead of living in harmony is creating timeless struggle instead of progressing into the aware energy. The pace of technology is surpassing human frame of awareness, ability to adjust and progress as an integral species.

Think, if you are ready for this challenge, or not,  I am telling you, you are not, perhaps you’ll never be.

The only solution is to build self identifying robot with human, yet, the formulation for this project, would degrade further human society, society already divided by wars and violence, injustice.

If you will teach a vacuum cleaner to think, feel, awareness, certainly, some day, you will become a vacuum cleaner.


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