The Law of Everything. Big Bang vs Universe as We Know It. Paradigm of Light … .

Book Cover The Law of Everything A

The Paramount Law of Transformation

Big Bang vs Universe as We Know It

Universal Farming


Universe is, de facto, a living organism, in every instance. Data of procreation and projection is navigating molecular embedded information, as well as energies toward higher order.

Big Bang vs Universe, as we know it. What we can assume, with a great degree of possibility, based on Biological Blueprint of the Universe, as well as Compatibility of opposites.

Before Great Initiation Sequence took place, Universe existed, ready, potent. Primeval essence is dwelling (cold light), emotionless, yet, hibernating with miraculous potential.

Subsequently inanimate space is filled, fertilized with light, temperature. In an instant, Universal Initiation Sequence transforms, once again, space, which expands, and contracts like a vibrant heart, until data of transformation will reach a state, where energy of projection will progress into the subsequent stage of fertilization, other than Universe, as we know it.

Meantime, molecular progression reflect typical cellular, molecular replacement sequence, according to The Paramount Law of Transformation, Biological Blueprint of the Universe, which manifest a common, profound, essential quality, paradigm of illumination, which define projection vs inanimate state. Once again, light is the essence of transformation, despite sources of illumination, until progression of energy reaches a stage of aware energy, subsequently a stage of aware illumination.

Light, stubborn, truly miraculous phenomenon emerges through chain reaction, more or less subtle, sometimes violent, yet, never harmful with regard to the sequence of progression toward higher order.

Dark energy dwells, transforms, yet, it draws its potency from light, inverted, de facto, in physical, as well as philosophical even ethical terms.

Paradigm of Universal Greatness is coupled with projection of existence, de facto, Paradigm of Light within molecular, as well as biological manifestations.

Every sequence is navigating toward illumination, and this is my friends, the Genius of Intelligent Universe, which transforms molecules, yet, aware existence, through exposing to the energy of light.

Is there any limit of the profoundly fertile energy of illumination ? Certainly not, if the essence of Paradigm of Light is creativity, in every scale … ..


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