Pilgrimage … ..

Mark J. Wagner's photo.
  • Mark J. Wagner Yesterday I went for an Annual Pilgrimage to the Jasna Gora with following intentions:
    * to stop discriminating and torturing emotionally, economically my family, children ( socially, religiously) by people who are openly Christian or Judeo-Christian
    * stop labeling and hate crimes against my family, lynching
    * Peace in hearts and minds, peace in the world
    * to heal Poland from serious violations domestic and international

    I am waiting for justice and fairness in Poland for a five long years, prior to that my father was quietly suffering until he was killed: perpetraitors are forgiven, yet, violence is unacceptable.

    I thank God for goodness I experienced, yet, I ask for justice and truth for me, my family which is being tested to the limits. Please stop degrading my family in Poland, please stop degrading human dignity.

    Above is my prayer to the Mother of God, who I call quietly Grand, Grand, Grand Mother (my grand mother Kathryn told me once, Mary is your Grand mother).

    Peace and Righteousness,
    Marek “Mark” J. Wagner

    Mark J. Wagner's photo.
  • Mark J. Wagner Grandmother, Kathryn.

    Mark J. Wagner's photo.
  • Mark J. Wagner ABBA / FATHER ( few words, yet, so eloquent). 


    20.08.2011. Abba Ojcze! pieśń wykonywana podczas XXI Ogólnopolskiej Pielgrzymki…

  • Mark J. Wagner

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