Care for Health. Care for Earth. Save Your Earth. Save Your Health (Rule 223) … ..

Care for Earth Save Your Earth_edited-1

Care for Health. Care for Earth.


Save Your Earth. Save Your Health.

Rule 223

Eco Kitchen. Eco Household. Eco Lifestyle.

Maintain Good Health. Preserve up 50% Water and Energy, Everyday.

Veggies. When you cook veggies, wait until boils, put it aside, cover with cloth (unless you want half-cooked veggies). In addition, you could add some herbs or spices during cooking (healthy broth). Do not dispose water from veggies ( in most cases). You will save water, energy, and most of all, it’s healthy. Preserve water, and maintain eco oriented life style.

Potatoes. Cook potatoes with onion, herbs or even veggies. Once water boils, put it aside, cover pan with cloth, within 10-15 minutes potatoes are ready for consumption, along with a healthy broth. Subsequently you will save a lot of money, and at the same time, maintain eco oriented, healthy lifestyle, without wasting time, money, energy.

Rice (groats, cereal, grits). Cook rice (as well as similar products) with herbs (basil, Provensal Herbal Mix, or any herb you prefer), add natural salt.

When water begin to boil, put it aside, cover with cloth, and wait 10-15 minutes. Rice will have a distinct taste, and broth as well. This is a healthy, eco oriented cooking. Pot covered with a cloth will preserve temperature for hours, as well as vitamins.

Water. Set appropriately main valve, which controls water pressure (no leaky faucets). All too often water pressure is too high, and subsequently water is wasted during food preparation, and other activities. Use as much as you need, yet, no more than necessary.

Sleep. If you, and you family, would go to bed every night at 10:00 pm, you will preserve a lot of energy, and at the same time, maintain a healthy life style.

Energy. Disconnect all devices from the outlet. Electronics, once plugged in, absorb energy even if turned off. Use natural light as much as possible. Save money, a lot of money, energy and Earth.

Washing. Pre-soak clothing for few hours (or even a day). Set washing machine on quick or eco-wash. By doing this, you will save a lot of money, as well washer and dryer. Dry clothing naturally, air dry, as often as possible (healthy and a lot of savings).

Appliances such as water heater set appropriately, all too often water heaters are set on “hot water”, which you don’t need, or use.

Reusable Bags. Save money and earth, every time you go grocery shopping. Plastics are killing environment, earth and seas alike, most of all, fish.

Errands. Biking (instead of driving) as often as possible. Save money and Earth, maintain a healthy life style.

Cleaning. Use cloths cleaning instead of using papers. Save money and Earth.

Watering Plants. Water less, water more. Watering plants are tricky, yet, you could use a much less water, at the same time, you could maintain healthy plants. Water plants by pouring some water inside a pot (not too much), and sprinkle leaves and branches with hand-held water bottle (early morning or late afternoon). For plants, tap water is far more healthy, if you leave water overnight, due to the additives (chlorine and other chemicals).

Few basic rules will maintain your good health, everyday,

save money in your pocket, and will help the Earth.

Pink Republic (Ecoman)


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