Referendums vs Democracy … .

Direct democracy (also known as pure democracy)[1] is a form of democracy in which people decide (e.g. vote on, form consensus on) policy initiatives directly.
  • Mark J. Wagner Referendums

    Referendum is an essential tool in democratic systems, yet, referendums need to be applied to manifest the voice of the nations, not as an excuse or avoidance with regard to responsibility.

    We need to realize that we live in a very specialized society, especially when it comes to politics, economy, science.
    To educate highly trained professional take sometime decades (unless someone express special talents and natural preferences), where at the same time, we are asking population, which has no training or expertise to answer or resolve very complex issues, issues and questions, which are often difficult to answer by highly trained professionals.
    Poland is highly educated nation, yet, all too often is unable to avoid economic, social, political crisis. Essential issue, quality is, de facto, moral formation, if inadequate, knowledge and expertise will turn against its people.

    In Poland, Referendums or requests for referendum are common, yet, population need to be well informed and guided by unbiased and loyal professionals, not particular political option.

    Referendum= Yes.
    Diluting responsibility for the expanse of the society = NO

    Moral formation, with regard to individual responsibility, as well as collective, is a key for fair and just governance.


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