Crisis of Love ? No. Crisis of Universal Love ? Yes, Indeed … ..

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Despite positive developments, Poland is in a state of crisis,  Demographic crisis touches the very fabric of Slavic existence and subsequently, future of Slavs. Polish population lost millions of people in just two decades, birth rate is way below international standards.

Poles are fading away, disappearing from their land. It’s a tragedy unfolding in front of your eyes.

Demographic crisis is not only associated with economic performance and social protection, which ought  to protect society,  but, de facto,  stimulate toward growth and fulfillment.

Demographic crisis reflect a profound problem with human emotional fabric. Lack of children manifest crisis of universal love, love which accepts, and cherish the world in every scale, universal love, which is guided by the desire to share the fascination of the world, universe, Earth, humanity, self, as well as  with offspring, children filling personal space with joy, and to share mutual desire to love and be loved.

Human does love, still, yet, the center of gravity is, at present time, self-love,  and limited horizon of emotional inclusiveness. Emotional eloquence is shrinking from universal scale to local pragmatism.

For thousands of years, generation after generation, followed embedded communal desire for children. Yet, this sequence has been replaced by misaligned emotional center of gravity, self-love.

Poland, despite systemic deficiencies to stimulate birth rate, social protection, and incentives,  economic problems, employment,  is in a state of crisis of Universal Love, emotional pragmatism, de facto.

Crisis of universal love is serious,  because touches, degrade essential quality of universal man, to share life and to create community. Crisis of universal love reflect spiritual crisis as well.

In addition, demographic crisis is against the instinct of self-preservation.

Universal love, universal man manifest inclusiveness, profound admiration with regard to reality and miraculous varieties of fauna and flora, Universe, Earth, yet, more importantly, to procreate, and share inner desire to love and be loved … ..

“The Holy Spirit Come Down to Earth, this Earth” John Paul II. Poles often recall this famous and beautiful phrase, even today.

Poles are being “programmed” in such a way, in recent years, programmed to shallow depth of universal love,  yet, this sequence is reversible, and achievable. Enjoy life,  with universal love  … ..

Universal Love reflect, de facto, Liturgy of Joy, yet, Catholics never mention the Liturgy of Joy, Liturgy of Happiness … .

Would Poles listen to the voice of The Holy Spirit, if they rarely hear about Liturgy of Joy and Happiness ?


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