The Paramount Law of Transformation. Computation of Matter vs Progression of Biological Molecular Sequence Biological Progression vs Energy of the Future Progression of Sequence vs Unified Progression toward Higher Order

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The Paramount Law of Transformation

Computation of Matter vs Progression of Biological Molecular Sequence

Biological Progression vs Energy of the Future

Progression of Sequence vs Unified Progression toward Higher Order

Computation of Matter vs Progression of Biological Molecular Sequence

Computation of matter is a proven phenomenon, which occurs throughout the Universe, yet, often available visual simulation is limited to progression of the same elements into object, which is cloned from the original data. In Universe as we know it, computation of matter and subsequently energy, is based on progression of elements, yet, developing higher order in all directions. This is the essence of computation of data in all known DNA systems, either within a living matter, unaware, and profoundly manifested in progression of living, aware matter.

Progression of matter, developed biological data, as well as sequence of progression. Biological existence is the direct result of data, which is predesigned to reach higher order. From biological sequence miraculously emerged aware biological manifestation of sequence.

Biological system, as well as sequential order is providing solutions for most, if not all, human essential needs, such as energy, including electricity.

Fauna and flora are producing pure, efficient and sophisticated energy source, which ought to be explored to satisfy essential needs of human civilization.

Biological electric farms can and will produce eco compatible energy source, in this instance, electricity supply.

Future of energy, biological electricity. Biological Farming.

(according to the higher moral standards)


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Important disclosure; all matter, unaware as well as biological, shall be treated with care,

and respect. Entire Universal system manifest unified data, living organism, profoundly interconnected, and require respect in all applications and implementations, yet, most of all, expanded frame of awareness, to grasp the notion that respecting nature, human manifest self-respect, de facto.

Biological Coupling.

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Progression form singular source into the complex biological systems.

Above illustration provide reference with regard to the possibilities, very much common in the Universe, as we know it, predesigned data, de facto, possibilities toward higher order.

Nature provide endless solutions, as well as universal blueprint, computation of data, profoundly logical, sensual, and aesthetically appealing. Biological electricity = interaction of energy with matter. Biological solution to heal the planet, and satisfy essential needs of civilization.

The essence of The Paramount Law of Transformation; essential rules, which manage entire universal system, perfectly implemented simplicity of complexity, unparalleled beauty of logic

and grace … .

I believe in Intelligent Design … ..

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Natural Biological Electricity. Sequence of progression from singular to complex.

The Paramount Law of Transformation

Perception vs Past vs Present vs Future

Frame of awareness, as well as frame of perception represent physical, biological, de facto, occurences within interactions between  molecular and energetic progression, subsequently the beginning of modern perception is dated to the universal initiation of data, yet, even prior to this phenomenon.

Sequence is a progression toward new horizon, yet, universal horizon is an illusion, due to the perpetual property of sequence.

Quote; „the difference between past, present and the future is just an illusion” (uncle Albert).

He is right, above quote indicate that time is non-existent, represent, de facto, elegant accessory of our civilization.

3D Cube is in perpetual motion, at any given moment. According to The Paramount Law of Transformation, motion is essential property of perception, de facto, through implementation of data, internal motion, external from subatomic molecular, to the enormous in scale galactic fragmentations of space. In this instance, motion occurs through interaction between compatible opposites, hot light vs cold light.

Perception. Rendering unified sequence toward higher order.



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