Your Holiness: Climatic Wars. Colonization of Human Mind. Mass Shootings … .

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  • Mark J. Wagner Your Holiness, please tell people around the world about “frequencies”, which increasingly disrupt human lives, destroy innocent people, program killers, cause revolution and uprisings, diminish free will. Please tell people, and please demand to stop this dangerous technology which is causing social decay for nearly 100 years.
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  • Mark J. Wagner Your Holiness, please tell people around the world about “climatic war” where millions of people were victimized, entire countrysides were ravaged by destruction such as tsunami, earthquakes, mudslides tornadoes.
    Please tell people that their homes can be destroyed within seconds and their lives destroyed by an invisible “killing force”.
  • Mark J. Wagner Since 2011 I wrote to the UN, EU, Polish Government, USA Government. I delivered Letter to the Vatican, religious leaders.
    People are dying, properties are being destroyed and no one wants to listen how dangerous situation really is.

    Global climatic war can happen at any time destroying millions, perhaps hundreds of millions of people around the world within minutes or hours. Nothing can surpass destructive force of this technologies.

    Your Holiness, please tell people, please, that anyone can be programmed, and influenced by invisible power of suggestion, subliminal instructions, in public places, churches, temples, public squares, cell phones or Internet, TV, radio stations.

    Your Holiness please help free the world from this threat, total threat.

Mark J. Wagner shared a link.

 Above are a man made radio frequencies (just one network among thousands existing in the world), which interfere with a natural biological brain …

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