Attack on America: World Trade Center, Pentagon, Pennsylvania.

Attack on America: World Trade Center, Pentagon, Pennsylvania.

Attack on World Trade Center in New York City was planned since 1970’s, 25 years after the WWII ended.

WTC in New York City became a victim of revenge, de facto, for destroyed cities during the WWII in Europe and Asia, yet most profoundly, Germany. Germany never accepted defeat, and apparently are rejecting, unofficially, responsibility for WWII carnage. German elites, are convinced that Germany became victimized by international plot. There is some truth in this notion, yet, accepting the role of wartime nation is another issue. German nation was victimized, indeed.

New York City, USA, were tragically penalized for destroyed cities and very much as for the role of victorious nation.

Two WTC Towers were representing WWII. In addition, Mr. B. Obama and alike high profile society is showing  another important clue, that the American elites, including US Jews, were “collaborating” with WWII excesses, including Death Camps and atrocities in Central and Eastern Europe. It’s rarely or never have been verbalized, yet, it does dwell in international interactions.

Days after WTC was tragically destroyed, Mr. M. Sadovi of Evaston said that America is lucky because planes attacked WTC and Pentagon and not Power Plants, which could turn USA upside down. Chilling statement, indeed.

As during the war military turned against city dwellers, often leveling German cities, as well as religious sites, decades later came “revenge”, which destroyed WTC, damaged Pentagon, and killed innocent travelers in Pennsylvania.

Killing innocent, unaware people in USA was and always will be a crime.

I want to emphasize that attack on America was orchestrated by international agreement, including, possible involvement by Polish WSI. Mr. Macierewicz indicated that WSI might have been involved somehow in this shameful scheme.

Is it true or not, I can not say, yet, there are numerous indications that Polish Spec.Operations might have also been involved. Please also note that the fabric of Polish governance is directly linked with Germany. For example, Mr. W. Pilecki (, one of the greatest heroes of WWII was murdered, after WWII, punished, de facto,  for exposing the truth about Auschwitz Death Camp. His body has not been found as of today.

These are the facts, more or less objective, and  reluctance to expose the truth about the 911 in USA,  can result in another escalation of violence. Its is a clandestine war, between USA and Europeans, and perhaps other parties, yet, innocent people are caught in violence, criminal settlements, tragedies.

Frankly, as available resources describe, the most brutal clandestine communities are CIA, French, British  and German. All mentioned countries were involved in numerous wars and conflicts, yet, among them are good, moral people who should act according to the norms of modern ethical standards. After all behind walls of secrecy are people, who know all too well the difference between good and wrong. Brutality is causing more brutality.

I urge media, clandestine community in Poland, USA, Germany and Israel to take on the subject of concealment of crime in USA,  where entire nation was traumatized, and so many innocent people killed.

Never again wars and terrorism !!!

Attack on America: World Trade Center, Pentagon, Pennsylvania.


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