The Paramount Law of Transformation. Cosmological Constant. Biological Blueprint of the Universe. Biological vs Universal Metabolism … .

Cosmolo  Constant A

Biological Blueprint of the Universe

Biological vs Universal Metabolism

Universal Biological Blueprint of the Universe, represent complete parallel scheme with regard

to the Universal as well as Biological Metabolism.

Metabolism (from Greek μεταβολή metabolē translate as “change”), project transformations within the living organism in order to maintain existence, life, de facto.

Universe, according to The Paramount Law of Transformation, is transforming (changing), equally transparently and eloquently as human being.

Catabolism is the breakdown of molecules to obtain energy: breaks down organic matter and produces energy by way of cellular respiration. Anabolism, the synthesis of all molecular composite needed by the cells, which uses energy to construct components. It’s all true via projected pathways in Universe, as we know it.

Cellular Respiration (combustion reaction) : reactions involved in respiration, are catabolic reactions, which break large molecules into smaller, releasing energy, as weak “high-energy” bonds, are replaced by stronger bonds in the products.

Respiration is one of the key process where a cell gains useful energy to fuel cellular activity. Cellular respiration is considered an exothermic redox reaction, which releases heat.

Universal existence manifest brilliant simplicity in complexity, as well as compatibility of transformations, de facto, adaptation of universal rules, since the sequence of Universal Initiation occurred. Subsequently Universal Intelligent Design existed before Initiation of Universe, as we know it, occurred.



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