Universal Design vs Aesthetic Projection

Venus Botticelli_filtered_edited-1

Universal Design vs Aesthetic Projection

Biological Blueprint of the Universe

Perception is scientific, no matter if projection of science is rendered empirically or by the intuitive awareness. Countless discoveries claim that intuition was a driving force toward exploration of science, as well as expansion of frame of awareness, including Uncle Albert.

Someone perhaps would ask, why I chose Botticelli’s Venus painting as an illustration for

The Paramount Law of Transformation. It is true that dozens if not hundreds masterpieces would eloquently illustrate Biological Blueprint of the Universe, yet, Botticelli’s Venus contain all elements, which are essential, in terms of transformation, Universal progression toward higher order.

3D projection, light, sky, Earth, water, wind (expansion), women vs man (possible relation between hot light and cold light within the universe), waves (energy), five persons, yet, lady on the right side is carrying a little baby in her womb, miraculous fertility of Universe (man vs Venus).

Besides all essential elements within, the entire composition is blending fragmentation into the seamless and brilliantly eloquent phenomenon of beauty, where Intelligent Design compose, beyond necessity of molecular, energetic progression, aesthetic manifestation of the design. Aesthetic perception clearly progressed since the initiation of sequence and subsequently, biological existence, human in particular is the masterpiece in terms of sequence of beauty.

Every time we look into the molecular, structure of the world, every time we look at the amazing images, taken by Hubble Telescope, every time we explore images submitted by scientists, in every discipline, we recognize the higher order of the Universal progression, de facto, the essence

of The Paramount Law of Transformation, aesthetic projection. By the very act of recognition of beauty, as well as reluctance to accept the opposite to aestheticism, is embedded the essence of the Intelligent Design, as a uniform paradigm of progression.

Molecules function according to the simplification of complexities, yet the design of progression represent an integral data of the world, including molecular, energies, motion, projection of transformation.

Aesthetic paradigm in not an accessory of progression, but the very essence of existence, without which, world would be impossible to render its possibilities.

Why human is aware of beauty ? Because the higher order or progression exists within each molecule, flow of energy, clusters of galaxies, motion, including vortex of matter, light, since the initiation of sequence. Awareness of beauty reflect our own design, design of higher purpose according to The Paramount Law of Transformation. Yet, the projection of transformation project the essence of beauty even on emotional level.

Aesthetic Paradigm Universal,yet, procreation of beauty, as well as its potency to surprise awareness by subsequent unveiling expanded frame of transformation is by any account, breathtaking and this is the true face of Intelligent Design.

How to define the beauty of Universe ? Perhaps the best illustration is man within, yet, the aesthetic beauty is the most common treasure handed over by Intelligent Design, where potency of functionality is parallel with potency of perception … .


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