Threats, abusive language, sounds and other excesses …

Mark J. Wagner's photo.
  • Threats, invigilation on the street including abusive language, sounds and other excesses such as aggressive activity at bookstore is maintained . While returning at night from my mother’s house on Goethe bus station I was warned: “be prepared”.
    Before Mr.B. Budka became a Ministry of Justice, I submitted important documents about abuse as well as organized character with regard to emotional and existential tortures in his district.

    Frequencies, once I leave the apartment are on high pitch (emotional pattern is immediately altered, as well as other symptoms described in my book). Frequencies, once they directed toward its victim cause persistent attention with regard to certain thoughts, words or phrases, and always very negative and unpleasant. It takes a lot of psychological stamina to withstand such enormous pressure.

    On the street, during the scheme I am being often confronted by people, who walk toward me trying to push me aside or trying to provoke aggression. Other times staged person is pointing at me repeatedly.

    I won’t generalize, yet., what is happening with regard to my person is a Neonazi attitude, where young adults, often teens, are staged within few hundreds meters apart and do their acts.
    In addition what is happening on the street, as well as with regard to my comments on the Internet is immediately coordinated with radio stations, which use precise key words, personal references, family and so on. Sometimes radio transmissions cause sense of aggression, elevated emotional state including severe discomfort.

    My hat is still generating very negative attitudes. Today took place another “action” in front of the Church of Peace, this is the place where a lot of commotion is taking place, regrettably.

    Often during invigilation American cars, including Jeeps, Chrysler, are circling, repeatedly, my route, obviously trying to make a negative emotional impact as well as impression.

    The acts of banditry are taking place on Krasinski Street, Luther Street, Unemployment Office, 3 May Street, St. Ann’s Parish grounds, Pl. Wolnosci (Liberty Square), Platan Shopping Center, Bookstore and Goethe Street. In addition at the bus teenagers and young adults are provoking reaction (faul and abusive language, key words and references to the dialogue I had with my mother just minutes earlier, my father, cemetery. Many of this excesses were recorded.

    In recent months, for some reason another scheme emerged, Tramway nr. 3 or 5 Loop (knot) with high pitch sounds and a yellow color. This combination is persistent and is maintained in front of the Lutheran Peace Church, St Ann’s, Pl. Wolnosci (Liberty Square). In addition young teens wear clothing with large numbers which indicated certain ¬†importance. The character of the behaviour and repetition doesn’t leave any room for speculation in terms of randomness but indicate a massive effort, coordinated and executed in terms of time, location and knowledge.


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