The Paramount Law of Transformation vs Light … .

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The Paramount Law of Transformation vs Light

Light is navigating the Universe, as we know it, since the initiation of sequence. Light, through all spectrums, is interacting, and shaping the world. Without light, and all known, and unknown spectrums of light, emerging through progression of transformation, Universe would remain as space of inanimate potential, similar to cryogenic state.

Light is the beginning of sequence, yet, progression of transformation is beyond human perception, as of today, and perhaps, will never be completely revealed, but progressively expanded.

Light is navigating the world, light transforms matter into the energy, and subsequently into the more refined projections of transformation. Light, as we know it, is the beginning of the potential.

Light is a living physical phenomenon, yet, the most unexpected development, is that light is navigating the world toward awareness, and awareness is progressing into the more expanded frames of awareness, less dense, and more powerful penetrating the physical world.

Beginning of the potential, is also observable in biological existence, including aware, from initiation sequence, progression of data available within DNA. DNA represent data, which is dependent on existence of light, as well as emotions. Same quality is manifested in physical, living, yet, unaware physical space.

Parallels between light, and biological progression, including awareness, progression of data, toward complexities, which become aware energies, is not only unexpected, but is proving how profoundly Intelligent Universe is. Intelligent Universe is progressing toward progression of intelligence, and each state is the beginning of the next, more complex and powerful. All of that is embedded within Universe and the man. Man is the ultimate, and miraculous blueprint of Intelligent Design, which progressed from Intelligent simple, to the Intelligent perpetual … .

Light is superbly intelligent, light navigate the world, Universe as we know it, according to The Paramount Law of Transformation, beyond available frame of awareness. Light transforms physical world into energies, and progresses into the more advanced aware energies. Each man is different, each galaxy is different within the Universe as well.

Progression of transformation within the Universe, through superb qualities, and spectrums

of light, stimulate physical world, and mark the beginning of the new projection, as well as potential, where each potential becomes the beginning of the subsequent potential … .

While thinking about it, persistent singular thought is emerging in my own awareness:

I believe in Intelligent Universe, garden of matter and energies, predesigned, until you, as well as myself, reaches the state of aware manifestation, up to this day.

Believing is a profound physical state, without it, progression of awareness is incomplete, same as a society would be, without sense of humor, which becomes essential, from the moment of its manifestation.

Believing in the Intelligent Universe is a logical progression of mind, which had its beginning 13.75 billion years ago (more or less), when sequence was initiated toward progression, which reached the state of something between yesterday and tomorrow.

I accepted the obvious, and I’m glad to be aware of my roots, roots of progression and projection of Intelligent Design. I’m glad, I can share with you those thoughts.

Another important development is progression within the same projection (human being for example), yet, always manifested through biological uniqueness. If this quality is present, than we can anticipate variations of aware energy, which become similar, yet, never represent replication, but progression of uniqueness, intelligent automation, if you will. And this quality also indicate intelligent progression within the Intelligent Universe. Intelligent awareness is too intelligent to replicate itself, but progresses into the unique diversification.

Similarities between Universe, living, unaware and biological, living and aware, is obvious. Planets, galaxies, stars are never the same, yet, unique and diversified in shape, color, manifestations of unique personality, same as apples.

Once you accept the notion that man is a living, aware Universe, embedded within the essence of molecular automated progression, with regard to Intelligent Design (DNA represent automation of progression), as well as energies, than the world, as well as man within, will reveal its secrets eloquently.

Fragmentation of science, between man and universe, as we know it, is non existent, but is a whole, fantastic mosaic of interdependence and interaction, where the essence of the mosaic is compatibility of opposites, not by chance, but intelligent design.

Universe, as we know it, including light, is progressing since the initiation of sequence, and is showing its qualities through progression of energy, and will reach more advanced formulations, projection of energy, including aware energy, which has its source in interaction between hot light and cold light in space, since the intelligent energy of light penetrated space, dark, emotionless, cryogenic.

Light progresses from interaction of compatible opposites, yet, at some point, dark energy will become obsolete.

I believe in Universe, Intelligent Design, living matter, up to the progression, where awareness becomes energy, and energy becomes awareness … .


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